Credit Representatives

Credit representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Representative Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Nov. 15, 2019

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Aaron Brain Motors Pty LtdShepparton442532
Acumen Investments Pty. Ltd.Shepparton484209
Barton, Mary-annShepparton505285
Bayaca, Alia MarieShepparton507790
Blunden, Mark AntonyShepparton439313
Boote, Daniel GrahamShepparton407037
Chalmers Private Wealth Pty. Ltd.Shepparton384006
Chalmers, Michael JamesShepparton384007
Clarke, LisaShepparton396642
Creative Wealth Management Pty LtdShepparton419914
Cvbh Pty LtdShepparton501276
Dargan, Michael JamesShepparton407046
Dowlretti Pty LtdShepparton494456
Dynamic Financial Planning Pty LtdShepparton413818
Edwards, David IanShepparton505277
Furci, David LeoShepparton429517
Furci, RobynShepparton366367
Furci, Rocky RaiShepparton366388
GP Advisers Pty. Ltd.Shepparton456744
Geelong Rea Pty LtdShepparton505088
Gnj Lending Pty LtdShepparton489893
Gupta, ManishShepparton456743
Helman, Warren GregoryShepparton505281
Jaq Finance Pty LtdShepparton417163
Jones, Philip WilliamShepparton505278
Kelly And Livsey Pty. Ltd.Shepparton502515
Kelly, Robert MarkShepparton502593
Ladd, Oliver WilliamShepparton489164
Langford, ThomasShepparton481362
Lanyon, AimeeShepparton500198
Ledger, PaulShepparton504888
Mei, PatShepparton407047
Montana Group Pty. Ltd.Shepparton512313
Moylan, Gregory ByronShepparton505276
Nogare, Edward BradleyShepparton500447
Powell, Andrew FosterShepparton398208
Regional Financial Planning & Advice Pty LtdShepparton502191
Simpson, Trevor CharlesShepparton489763
Stirling Lake Financial Group Pty LtdShepparton439312
Thomson, James RobertShepparton454897
Timothee, MichaelShepparton484249
Todaro, Gaetano MichaelShepparton493808
Tonkin, Brent RaymondShepparton489482
Tricarico, Steven RobertShepparton505279
Vehicle & Equipment Finance Pty. Ltd.Shepparton504015
Vicwide Financial Services Pty. Ltd.Shepparton398209
Wagga Rea Pty LtdShepparton505083
Williams, Daniel JohnShepparton470428