Credit Representatives

Credit representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Representative Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: June 24, 2019

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AU Financial Pty LtdST Leonards476547
Abrahams, JasonST Leonards372589
Advanced Planning Services Pty. Ltd.ST Leonards372534
Au, EddieST Leonards476548
Aussie Car Brokers Pty LimitedST Leonards472716
Bandaranayake, RohanST Leonards399655
Banning, CraigST Leonards370011
Bateman, Gavin WilliamST Leonards505783
Bear Loans Pty LtdST Leonards505782
Braude, Gary MichaelST Leonards440779
Capital Architects Group Pty LtdST Leonards503897
Confide Finance Pty LtdST Leonards509357
Cooper, Peter AnthonyST Leonards406387
Cps Financial Solutions Pty LtdST Leonards432013
Critique Private Clients Pty LimitedST Leonards367040
Denmeade, AdamST Leonards372098
Durso, MatthewST Leonards516159
Flexirent Capital Pty LtdST Leonards433263
Geegan, GregoryST Leonards366494
Goodman, Darren HyltonST Leonards440778
Halpin, GuyST Leonards423977
Hickey, AndrewST Leonards410619
Hollman, StuartST Leonards370795
Hua, LIST Leonards497071
Huang, Yi-hsuanST Leonards394524
Hui, AlexST Leonards503696
Hurwitz, Daniel MarcST Leonards487371
Hurwitz, Gary DeanST Leonards485112
Jrw Home Loans Pty LtdST Leonards480786
Kuramochi, YasuhiroST Leonards473866
Levitin, StanST Leonards503626
Lifestyle Impressions Pty LtdST Leonards456665
Masi, Damian JosephST Leonards508517
Mettam, Alistair DavidST Leonards438696
Mikellides, Jason HarryST Leonards440780
Moloney, KarenST Leonards479253
Navwealth Financial Group Pty LtdST Leonards370012
Nicholson, PeterST Leonards509408
Peasy Services Pty LtdST Leonards480785
Price, Russell CameronST Leonards511517
Price, Shane BarryST Leonards385010
Prompt Mortgage Finance Pty LtdST Leonards366491
Ridder, Jane MichelleST Leonards377871
Saggers, Sam BillyST Leonards420262
Shaw, GrahamST Leonards372016
Shen, JiaST Leonards448198
Sjb Financial Services Pty LtdST Leonards503625
Taylor, Peter JohnST Leonards402641
The Trustee For Domane Financial Solutions Unit TrustST Leonards405816
The Trustee For Ridder Family TrustST Leonards474653
Thomas, NathanST Leonards502253
Ting, HowardST Leonards509381
Turano, NicolaST Leonards394281
Walk With You Capital Pty LtdST Leonards503697
Wealthmarc Advisory Group Pty LtdST Leonards369977
Welch, JohnST Leonards366727
Wem, AndrewST Leonards371828
Wen, LawrenceST Leonards497235
Wolski, RobertST Leonards370443
Woods, VaughanST Leonards380971
Wyld, Joel RobertST Leonards420244
YS Mortgage Broking Pty LtdST Leonards490425
Zhao, XinST Leonards514681
Zone Financial Pty LtdST Leonards478077