Credit Representatives

Credit representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Representative Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: June 24, 2019

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All Round Financial Services Pty LtdPort Macquarie377790
Angelo Santo, ErniePort Macquarie447120
Bird Investments (nsw) Pty LtdPort Macquarie474668
Blue Chip Mortgages Pty LtdPort Macquarie397031
Browning, SeanPort Macquarie502660
Chambers, MichaelPort Macquarie400071
Cini, Daniel JohnPort Macquarie515231
Cooper, Jane ElizabethPort Macquarie516129
DE Nardi, DavidPort Macquarie447230
DE Nardi, JohnPort Macquarie447109
Deutscher, DaniellePort Macquarie449707
Drummond, IanPort Macquarie511228
Evolution Road Wealth Management Pty LtdPort Macquarie503418
Fay, HarryPort Macquarie447115
Fitzpatrick Home Loans Pty LtdPort Macquarie483148
Fitzpatrick, Mark OwenPort Macquarie483199
Gee, PaulPort Macquarie510871
Goco Brokers Pty LtdPort Macquarie377701
Goh, Siau YingPort Macquarie454542
Hamblin, Joshua WilliamPort Macquarie384498
Horder, AmandaPort Macquarie511070
Hughes, Craig AnthonyPort Macquarie440254
JF Blair Pty LtdPort Macquarie502240
Kepars, BerniePort Macquarie398828
Lavender, ScottPort Macquarie502241
Lockwood, Thomas SydneyPort Macquarie372469
Martin, Paul JasonPort Macquarie450510
Murray, DavidPort Macquarie443857
Oriel, PeterPort Macquarie375147
Owen, GaryPort Macquarie378551
Paul L Gee Pty LtdPort Macquarie510872
Pdd Agency Pty LtdPort Macquarie469076
Pdd Wealth Management Pty LtdPort Macquarie468297
Power, Mark StephenPort Macquarie385345
Riske, Lee HendrickPort Macquarie417388
Rumcorp Enterprises Pty LtdPort Macquarie515194
Rummery, Joshua JamesPort Macquarie474377
Schuch, Emma LouisePort Macquarie495494
Seymour, KelliePort Macquarie429009
Simplying Loan Consultancy Pty LtdPort Macquarie454541
South, Frederick MurrayPort Macquarie392354
Stapley, Ashley StuartPort Macquarie480005
Strive Financial Group Pty LtdPort Macquarie499771
Thomas, CraigPort Macquarie515230
Tuntrent Pty LtdPort Macquarie396038
Zimmerman, Christine MaryPort Macquarie376146