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Credit representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Representative Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Nov. 15, 2019

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Anderson, Rachel LouiseNorth Wollongong419340
Argyle, BruceNorth Wollongong506017
Austin, Mark WilliamNorth Wollongong465498
Bojanic, NatasaNorth Wollongong415212
Bridges, KassieNorth Wollongong509809
Chapman, Emily ClaireNorth Wollongong465503
Childs, CassandraNorth Wollongong483840
Community Sector Banking Pty LtdNorth Wollongong379667
Crowe, Sile FrancesNorth Wollongong419291
Czarnuch, LeonNorth Wollongong506018
Davey, Andrew JamesNorth Wollongong465513
Dempsey, MichaeleneNorth Wollongong495277
Edwards, JasmineNorth Wollongong483841
Etherden, JadeNorth Wollongong441475
Formosa, Josephine FrancisNorth Wollongong495361
Francisco, ChantelleNorth Wollongong504741
Furbank, TimothyNorth Wollongong465497
Future Focus Financial Planning Pty LtdNorth Wollongong518419
Glover, Katie JONorth Wollongong465501
Grossman, John HedleyNorth Wollongong465496
Hodgson-hill, Chelsea KereamaNorth Wollongong429494
Jekenzuka Enterprises Pty LtdNorth Wollongong515958
Jenkins, LaurenNorth Wollongong499825
Johnson, MathewNorth Wollongong506019
Jojen Enterprises Pty LtdNorth Wollongong506184
Jory, ZacNorth Wollongong509808
Kelly, IsabellaNorth Wollongong509737
Langston, Kenneth NormanNorth Wollongong425693
Layton, Karen-leaNorth Wollongong465509
Lemme, Jennifer RobertaNorth Wollongong506234
Muscat, Brooke NareeNorth Wollongong465506
Pascoe, Lee MargaretNorth Wollongong465499
Shepherd, ElizabethNorth Wollongong506020
Stolk, LeahNorth Wollongong513860
Sullivan-quarmby, Hannah ClareNorth Wollongong465854
Trotman, KayNorth Wollongong425700
Trotman, WayneNorth Wollongong465504
Turner, KieranNorth Wollongong461264
Ure, Stephanie JaneNorth Wollongong512011
Weston, Chris RobertNorth Wollongong465500
Williams, LewisNorth Wollongong509806
Wong, KhengNorth Wollongong508431