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Credit representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Representative Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Nov. 15, 2019

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A & K Mcdonald Pty LtdNorth Ryde515472
Aasa International Pty. Ltd.North Ryde399172
Abraham, JerryNorth Ryde379280
Agyei, JonesNorth Ryde409919
Aim Precision Pty LtdNorth Ryde482066
Allen, Anita LouiseNorth Ryde510285
Alpere Pty LtdNorth Ryde493153
Altruistic Solutions Pty LtdNorth Ryde499417
Anastasiou, EvieNorth Ryde366199
Arsenal Capital Pty LtdNorth Ryde400886
Auscott Home Loans Pty LtdNorth Ryde458078
Austin, JeffNorth Ryde379072
Azur Broking Pty LtdNorth Ryde510623
B J Dennis Pty LtdNorth Ryde437923
Bazi, AndrewNorth Ryde492796
Bcsm Investments Pty LtdNorth Ryde518187
Bennetts, IanNorth Ryde364476
Blagojevic, OliveraNorth Ryde464828
Bluegum Mortgages Pty LimitedNorth Ryde423498
Borron, Julie CarolineNorth Ryde495435
Briggs, LorraineNorth Ryde459592
Brooks, PaulNorth Ryde366204
Btb Finance Pty. Ltd.North Ryde490430
Burgess, PhillipNorth Ryde407858
C.j.i.l. Pty LtdNorth Ryde365050
Caab, Jose AntonioNorth Ryde505317
Calleja, Stephen JesusNorth Ryde501011
Campbell, GayleNorth Ryde365146
Cartwright, LisaNorth Ryde510979
Castkich Pty LtdNorth Ryde482351
Chain, MarkNorth Ryde378289
Chemical Free Living Pty. Ltd.North Ryde485413
Choi, Ronson LongNorth Ryde486171
Classic Loan Solutions Pty LimitedNorth Ryde367662
Collins, AllenNorth Ryde376683
Craig, StuartNorth Ryde378886
Cranfield, Karen LeaNorth Ryde459783
Cranny, SamanthaNorth Ryde379028
Crawford, MichaelNorth Ryde493784
Daniels, Michael LeslieNorth Ryde499506
David, Rushanth PiousNorth Ryde506450
Delco Financial Services Pty LtdNorth Ryde485362
Dennis, Benjamin JohnNorth Ryde425117
Dennis, SandraNorth Ryde447491
Deppeler, JulieNorth Ryde446046
Dive Investments Pty LtdNorth Ryde368008
Dive, WayneNorth Ryde379282
Eastar Wealth Australia Pty LtdNorth Ryde456838
Easy Finance Pty LtdNorth Ryde517019
Ellis, AnthonyNorth Ryde364480
Fente Pty LtdNorth Ryde489890
Finport Pty LtdNorth Ryde407804
Forest Edge Financial Proprietary LimitedNorth Ryde518276
Four Fours Pty LtdNorth Ryde486190
Future Now Mortgage Solutions Pty LtdNorth Ryde423503
Gallagher, Christopher EricNorth Ryde479680
Gavlee Pty. Ltd.North Ryde423628
Gee, AnthonyNorth Ryde379600
Ghoreyshi, SoheilNorth Ryde379435
Godfrey, MargaretNorth Ryde381120
Gregoire, SteveNorth Ryde394112
Hamilton Financial Pty LtdNorth Ryde490354
Hew, Ken FoongNorth Ryde443227
Hooker, AshleyNorth Ryde443773
Ian Simpson Financial Services Pty LtdNorth Ryde365032
Ideologi Pty LtdNorth Ryde445984
Inglis, GraemeNorth Ryde378885
Italiano, PasqualeNorth Ryde459784
Jma Global Investments Pty LtdNorth Ryde492527
K M Smoother Pty LtdNorth Ryde423494
Kang, LiahNorth Ryde502888
Khalil, RaymondNorth Ryde366200
Kim, Hyun SooNorth Ryde518435
Kingdom First Enterprises Pty LtdNorth Ryde409918
Kurniadi, Sastra PutraNorth Ryde515205
Lau, KennethNorth Ryde482109
Lcc Capital Pty LtdNorth Ryde511457
Lesnie, GavinNorth Ryde379271
Li, AnthonyNorth Ryde480688
Liu, YuyangNorth Ryde508831
Loan Administration Services Pty LtdNorth Ryde448873
Long, Stephen KennethNorth Ryde482503
Lozanoski, RomeoNorth Ryde364485
Macfarlane, RobertNorth Ryde365150
Maya Finance Pty LtdNorth Ryde423841
Mcdonald, Andrew JamesNorth Ryde515541
Meli, Belinda MareeNorth Ryde518207
Merrivale Mortgage Solutions Pty LtdNorth Ryde485285
Mitchell, Sarah LouiseNorth Ryde433723
Mjc Financial Services Pty LtdNorth Ryde493651
Moloney, ErinNorth Ryde487575
Moneyclip Home Loans Pty LtdNorth Ryde499139
Moretti, GianniNorth Ryde378869
Moustakis, JimNorth Ryde492551
Movsessian, RobertNorth Ryde399667
Moy, LanaNorth Ryde482654
Mrljak, DennisNorth Ryde402773
Mustafa, TanselNorth Ryde507313
Na, NANorth Ryde480495
Neil, LeeanneNorth Ryde379136
North Ryde Community Finance LimitedNorth Ryde374833
Nugent, LeahNorth Ryde506124
O'meara Financial Services Pty LtdNorth Ryde365059
O'meara, CraigNorth Ryde379286
Odder Holdings Pty LtdNorth Ryde423465
Olstein, GeraldNorth Ryde378867
Pasoski, HristinaNorth Ryde492798
Pearson, KatarinaNorth Ryde472099
Petrovski, SasoNorth Ryde369159
Platinum Wealth Group Pty LtdNorth Ryde483316
Prajapati, SurajNorth Ryde502047
Proconnect Global Pty LtdNorth Ryde514295
Project One Financial Services Pty LtdNorth Ryde482540
Prospect Financial Group Pty. Ltd.North Ryde455683
Rainoccy Pty LtdNorth Ryde423483
Ray Khalil Financial Services Pty LtdNorth Ryde498822
Republic Financial Pty LtdNorth Ryde512878
Roddick, Stephen DavidNorth Ryde470195
Roos, LanaNorth Ryde441595
Roos, Stephanus JohannesNorth Ryde500724
Safeport Investment Pty LtdNorth Ryde365055
Saliba, MichaelNorth Ryde455833
Sash Petrovski Wealth Solutions Pty LtdNorth Ryde503816
Sdarch Pty LtdNorth Ryde365053
Sds Family Pty LtdNorth Ryde501922
Sejr Pty LtdNorth Ryde470127
Shahnazari, OdetNorth Ryde378866
Sheff Secure Finance Pty LtdNorth Ryde418018
Shoefly Pty LtdNorth Ryde365051
Shrestha, SarjuNorth Ryde399167
Sieler Enterprises Pty LtdNorth Ryde500366
Sieler, Mark AdamNorth Ryde500417
Simply Smart Solutions Pty LimitedNorth Ryde464792
Simpson, IanNorth Ryde376681
Simpson, RaymondNorth Ryde390990
Singh, ParteekNorth Ryde514894
Smartline Home Loans Pty LtdNorth Ryde381913
Smc Trading Pty LtdNorth Ryde374059
Smoother, KatharineNorth Ryde378713
Spasic, MichaelNorth Ryde408724
Stuart Craig Pty LtdNorth Ryde423497
Stubbs, AlisonNorth Ryde420866
Sub-sett Pty LtdNorth Ryde499757
Suthamy Pty LtdNorth Ryde437165
Sutherland, StuartNorth Ryde437275
Swan, Peter KennethNorth Ryde485299
Sydney Wide Financial Group Pty LtdNorth Ryde405764
Taylor, MandyNorth Ryde460045
Terasada Services Pty LtdNorth Ryde365063
Tranzac Pty. LimitedNorth Ryde423496
Trulee Financial Group Pty LtdNorth Ryde454011
Truong, DavidNorth Ryde454109
Tsiaili, KatrinaNorth Ryde390001
Unwin, TerriNorth Ryde379290
Upadhyay, Nabin PrasadNorth Ryde487131
Vansell Pty LtdNorth Ryde376075
Wang, HejunNorth Ryde426098
Wang, YangNorth Ryde517018
Wealthwizz Pty LtdNorth Ryde507222
Wilkinson, GregoryNorth Ryde379494
Williams, HeatherNorth Ryde431523
Wills, ScottNorth Ryde459054
Woo, AlexNorth Ryde365171
Wunder, GregoryNorth Ryde496053
Xu, JunNorth Ryde404355
Yellow Shed Investments Pty LtdNorth Ryde487482
Yu, Joo YoungNorth Ryde483332
Yu, Xia XiaNorth Ryde514422
Zagas, ConstantineNorth Ryde500368
Zagas, GeorgeNorth Ryde427066
Zheng, ZhipeiNorth Ryde480576
Zhou, HaochengNorth Ryde481458