Credit Representatives

Credit representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Representative Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: June 24, 2019

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Corporate Lending Group Pty LtdNorth Parramatta477818
Cowell, NatalieNorth Parramatta368060
Cucek, FrancisNorth Parramatta461355
Donney, Jason KingNorth Parramatta473116
Garnett, Martin AnthonyNorth Parramatta499034
Gentle, Anthony JustinNorth Parramatta448661
Georgiou, PatriciaNorth Parramatta478050
Hill Partners Pty LimitedNorth Parramatta509353
Jnd Mortgage And Financial Solutions Pty LtdNorth Parramatta506984
Jss Investment Holding Pty. Ltd.North Parramatta507851
Khoury, JosephNorth Parramatta374351
M R Toal Investment Services Pty LtdNorth Parramatta377212
Matocanza, Jessica ElizabethNorth Parramatta466102
Michele Zammit Financial Solutions Pty LtdNorth Parramatta367907
Morrison, Daniel JamesNorth Parramatta513093
Senter, DarrenNorth Parramatta466838
Sethi, RashiNorth Parramatta488296
Singh, JasbirNorth Parramatta502122
Singh, SatpreetNorth Parramatta426564
Stewart, CatherineNorth Parramatta395860
Stoneink Pty. LimitedNorth Parramatta481532
The Trustee For Lindenal Family TrustNorth Parramatta374367
The Trustee For Matocanza Family TrustNorth Parramatta463053
The Trustee For The Mansour Family TrustNorth Parramatta374349
The Wealth Edge Group Pty LtdNorth Parramatta369047
Tpfg Pty LtdNorth Parramatta461430
Vue Financial Pty LtdNorth Parramatta485845
Wieland, AlisonNorth Parramatta381215
Wright, JulieNorth Parramatta457899