Credit Representatives

Credit representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Representative Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Nov. 15, 2019

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Australian Mortgage Intelligence Pty LtdNorth Lakes367655
Business Finance Centre Pty LtdNorth Lakes499984
Croaker, Henry GrayNorth Lakes367656
Dentith, GinaNorth Lakes456725
Falconer, JeffreyNorth Lakes517027
Fenton Financial Management Pty LtdNorth Lakes369045
Fenton, CraigNorth Lakes372556
Finance 4 All Pty LtdNorth Lakes499815
Florance, JamesNorth Lakes369669
Goyal, MadhulikaNorth Lakes501420
Goyal, PrashantNorth Lakes467318
Griffiths, KahuNorth Lakes430960
Groenewald, CorneliusNorth Lakes494873
Hanson, Margaret LorraineNorth Lakes389327
Harbott, Paul EdwinNorth Lakes480026
Hilber, Glenn StevenNorth Lakes393326
J.s Sylvester & S.r SylvesterNorth Lakes500713
Janovsky, PeterNorth Lakes503670
Keys, HaydenNorth Lakes496712
Loans And Finance Solutions Pty LtdNorth Lakes494796
Lowe, Andrew CadeNorth Lakes466064
Moller, MarkNorth Lakes387033
Nlales Pty LtdNorth Lakes470923
O'dwyer, MeganNorth Lakes515810
Park Home Loans Pty LtdNorth Lakes516970
Parker, MeganNorth Lakes418843
Precision WM Pty LtdNorth Lakes443574
Property Investor Finance Pty LtdNorth Lakes422175
Rees, Daniel JamesNorth Lakes412045
Ritchie, JessicaNorth Lakes381233
Silver Dragon (qld) Pty LtdNorth Lakes377961
Smart Traders Pty LtdNorth Lakes466481
Swainston, Timothy JamesNorth Lakes511021
Sykes Wealth Creation Pty LtdNorth Lakes443867
Sykes, DesmondNorth Lakes373041
Sylvester, JamesNorth Lakes400033
Thompson, SusanNorth Lakes422832
Thrive Finance (qld) Pty. Ltd.North Lakes465782
Vakas, Christoper PhilipNorth Lakes501077
Walls, JeffNorth Lakes381237
Walls, Renee MargaretNorth Lakes484281
Williams, Amanda-janeNorth Lakes518033
Winter, SarahNorth Lakes381195