Credit Representatives

Credit representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Representative Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Nov. 15, 2019

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Archer, JoelNewcastle482745
Armstrong, Yvonne KayNewcastle508199
Ascension Finance Pty LimitedNewcastle513326
Birrell, KristinaNewcastle511804
Bourne, Ian GarrethNewcastle518986
Buttenshaw, Taylor KathrynNewcastle486509
Carter, Bartholomew JohnNewcastle510177
Carter, Kyra MarieNewcastle499308
Chan, StuartNewcastle512173
Charlton, Mark AntonyNewcastle394032
Chiplin, PaulNewcastle446617
Crediflex Partners Pty LtdNewcastle387555
Crest Mortgages & Finance Pty LtdNewcastle486997
Deamer, Jessica JoyNewcastle509091
Dennis, Luke AllanNewcastle514762
Evans, Alisha MareeNewcastle477766
Evans, Ebony LaurenaNewcastle496194
Fast Start Enterprises Pty LtdNewcastle496956
Franklin, David KeithNewcastle508200
Gapps, JasonNewcastle516331
Guy, LynneNewcastle508198
Guy, Matthew AnthonyNewcastle492956
Heanly, MarkNewcastle368824
Higgins, Rhys DylanNewcastle446561
Hoppe, Callan JamesNewcastle496265
Hvfp Pty LtdNewcastle368636
Kilgore, KayleighNewcastle416873
Little, Amy JeanNewcastle491796
Lusher Financial Services Pty LimitedNewcastle371304
Lusher, ChristineNewcastle371303
Manuel, Jonathan NigelNewcastle427983
Mason, Laura AnneNewcastle503412
Menzies, Dean StephenNewcastle512171
Mujic, JohnNewcastle488037
Muras, Jake AnthonyNewcastle511858
Nova Mutual LimitedNewcastle507754
Ntl Group Pty LtdNewcastle448128
O'shea, Damon GeorgeNewcastle486280
Oberholzer, Lynette SandraNewcastle378676
Pfeiffer Finance Pty. LimitedNewcastle384895
Pfeiffer, Scott HiltonNewcastle386331
Pickering, Emma KathleenNewcastle508196
Pond, KeithNewcastle448861
Poole, JasonNewcastle374561
Prior, Mark JosephNewcastle408458
Prosperity Advisers (sydney) Pty LtdNewcastle507713
Prosperity Finance Advisers Pty LtdNewcastle407438
Prosperity Wealth Advisers Pty LtdNewcastle427981
Shakespeare, AndrewNewcastle366051
Shanahan, JeffreyNewcastle458701
Sheppard, Murray WilliamNewcastle518985
Sinclair, MarkNewcastle493521
Southgate, GrahamNewcastle518834
Sovechles, George IvanNewcastle407196
Tallon, ScottNewcastle499343
Thomas, Andrew SeanNewcastle456669
Tynan, Cameron JohnNewcastle512875
Vitnell, Lisa AnneNewcastle448862
West, LeanneNewcastle508195
Whip Financial Pty LtdNewcastle493371
Williams, MichaelNewcastle366056
Wilson, Adam ChristopherNewcastle497114