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Credit Representatives

Credit representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Representative Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: June 4, 2020

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AC Finance Pty LtdMount Waverley500858
Ace Financial Solutions Pty LtdMount Waverley387247
Airlieone Pty. Ltd.Mount Waverley367265
Akk Financial Services Pty LtdMount Waverley476613
Amz Partners Pty LtdMount Waverley511984
Arjuna, GowrieMount Waverley512938
Arora, ShabnamMount Waverley462819
Arundel Financial Services Pty. Ltd.Mount Waverley394866
Aurora Mortgage Solutions & Investments Pty LtdMount Waverley488472
Beh, Weng KeatMount Waverley508880
Bellarine Financial Services Pty. Ltd.Mount Waverley394764
Bogahapitiya, Bogahapitiye RohanaMount Waverley495080
Capital Wealth Group Pty LtdMount Waverley368633
Cdg Finance Solutions Pty LtdMount Waverley509961
Chan, RaymondMount Waverley434294
Chawla, AshishMount Waverley442827
Chen, ZhijianMount Waverley494598
Cheng, QianMount Waverley516016
Chisholm, Timothy AndrewMount Waverley510040
Cosentino, ElioMount Waverley367508
D'souza, Trason JamesMount Waverley458609
DE Pasquale, AngeloMount Waverley377668
DU Bois, Renee AlexandraMount Waverley485818
Dark Horse Financial Pty LtdMount Waverley465325
Dimtsis, JohnMount Waverley409545
Dong, RanMount Waverley507136
Dunn, Peter GeorgeMount Waverley408571
Dylnav Pty LtdMount Waverley485813
EL Kotta, GeorgeosMount Waverley511605
Edmondson, Michael AndrewMount Waverley377673
Fernando, Nalin ChamindaMount Waverley506254
Finance Consulting & Solution Pty LtdMount Waverley462703
Fournarakis, PennyMount Waverley479111
Freedom Park Financial Pty LtdMount Waverley450135
Ganci, AnnaMount Waverley367530
Growth Factor Debt Pty LtdMount Waverley509227
Gsa Finance Group Pty LtdMount Waverley478999
Gunawardena, Arjuna LalithMount Waverley387248
Hall, Harold DavidMount Waverley419555
Henley Arch Pty. Ltd.Mount Waverley400856
Hennig, ShawnMount Waverley368827
Homeseekers Finance Pty LtdMount Waverley460781
Ifind Loans Pty LtdMount Waverley502976
Independent Leasing & Finance (vic) Pty LtdMount Waverley394697
Jinasena, Pramuditha ThamaruMount Waverley509827
Kbh FP Pty LtdMount Waverley369093
Legacy Finance Australia Pty LtdMount Waverley510462
Likhi, KaviMount Waverley497314
Lin, KevinMount Waverley468302
Lin, MartinMount Waverley500071
Ltc Consulting Pty LtdMount Waverley481942
Luke, Georgina JoyMount Waverley370345
Lyons, PeterMount Waverley399730
Matthews, LaurenceMount Waverley472770
Musker, Frank CharlesMount Waverley370090
Nationwide Mortgage Finance Pty. Ltd.Mount Waverley520033
Original Wealth Pty LtdMount Waverley518291
Palermo, DavidMount Waverley368736
Pan, LingchongMount Waverley486324
Pandey, ParichitMount Waverley514852
Papadopoulos, EvantheaMount Waverley516538
Perry, CraigMount Waverley399047
Petrakis, MersinaMount Waverley503188
Pinant Financial Planning Pty LtdMount Waverley367045
Pinewood Community Financial Services LimitedMount Waverley374758
Positive Result Pty LtdMount Waverley423924
Power Advantage Pty. Ltd.Mount Waverley495911
Pun, YongMount Waverley512383
Ranaraja, SurajMount Waverley492143
Ratnayake, Manoja PriyanganieMount Waverley502061
Russell, AndrewMount Waverley409816
Sha, ShuzhenMount Waverley512723
Shaw Financial Planning Pty LtdMount Waverley472712
Shaw, AndrewMount Waverley472714
Si, MuyuanMount Waverley516785
Sonwood Pty. Ltd.Mount Waverley394867
Sparis, EmmanuelMount Waverley478997
Stratagem Wealth Management Pty. Ltd.Mount Waverley519977
Sun, QianMount Waverley475672
Swamy, Krishnan NarayanaMount Waverley469400
Taxnet Business Consultants Pty LtdMount Waverley480328
The Trustee For EL Dib Family TrustMount Waverley393008
The Trustee For Sanger Family TrustMount Waverley405709
Theodore Enterprises Pty LtdMount Waverley453515
Thorough Financial Services Pty LtdMount Waverley521784
Tonna, JamesMount Waverley509272
Top One Group Pty LtdMount Waverley507077
Torpy, Catherine JaneMount Waverley459837
True Loan Solutions Pty LtdMount Waverley498946
Tyson, Paul JohnMount Waverley459838
Udis, YonitMount Waverley478341
Vilpona Pty. Ltd.Mount Waverley394692
Wadelton, AnthonyMount Waverley399737
Wanigasooriya, IndikaMount Waverley450378
Wijeweera, PatabedhigeMount Waverley444285
Wood, JeffreyMount Waverley370591
Wu, JinglingMount Waverley493029
Wuyouloans Pty LtdMount Waverley512071
XL Riches Pty LtdMount Waverley500856
Yao, MengjiaMount Waverley519563
Yen Financial Services Pty LtdMount Waverley494993
Zhaocai Financial Services Pty LtdMount Waverley493030
Zheng, WanchenMount Waverley512811
Zhuo, WeiMount Waverley424120