Credit Representatives

Credit representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Representative Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Nov. 15, 2019

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Attwood Financial Pty LtdMount Eliza392351
Attwood, Jarrod LeslieMount Eliza396630
Axis Capital Partners Pty LtdMount Eliza475021
Bonfield, StephenMount Eliza427896
Break Loose Pty LtdMount Eliza364701
Brown, Anthony DouglasMount Eliza390577
Burton, GregoryMount Eliza400197
CP Finance Pty LtdMount Eliza452637
Cassar, AlexandraMount Eliza477024
Cirillo, RoccoMount Eliza377492
E-ppod Pty. Ltd.Mount Eliza374092
Felix Solutions Pty. Ltd.Mount Eliza476602
Finchoice Australia Pty LtdMount Eliza489531
Fozard, ElizabethMount Eliza400556
Krown Finance Pty LtdMount Eliza373981
Lucsar Pty. Ltd.Mount Eliza377325
MT Eliza Community Enterprise LimitedMount Eliza456346
Mapp, StevenMount Eliza498957
Marshall, Louise CristineMount Eliza505896
Martin, Brett AndrewMount Eliza473010
Milligan, Rebecca JadeMount Eliza516411
Nanninga, Jasmine NatashaMount Eliza461231
O'keeffe, Karen LouiseMount Eliza516239
Parsons, FionaMount Eliza501944
Penford, ChristineMount Eliza452762
Poirier, LaurentMount Eliza365852
Rault, Richard RogerMount Eliza450450
Reed, Melissa AnneMount Eliza461167
Roach, Halina LouiseMount Eliza491949
Stephen Bonfield Pty. Ltd.Mount Eliza427895
Tanzman Pty. Ltd.Mount Eliza397213
Teh, GeraldMount Eliza475037
The Mortgage Adviser Group Pty. Ltd.Mount Eliza397634
Tlr Finance Pty LtdMount Eliza512933
Your Family Cfo Pty LtdMount Eliza491947