Credit Representatives

Credit representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Representative Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Nov. 15, 2019

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Anasson, JaneMaroubra441177
August Green Pty LtdMaroubra369274
Barakzai, MasehMaroubra512885
Baxter, GrahamMaroubra376586
Bayman Pty. LimitedMaroubra364525
Brapar Pty. LimitedMaroubra391204
Chen, LIMaroubra477870
Dill, Eric RayMaroubra482273
Financial Engineers Pty LtdMaroubra482099
Ginn, Gregory JamesMaroubra423787
Halim, HerlinaMaroubra502578
Jreige, Fawzi GeorgeMaroubra376100
Lend IT Pty LtdMaroubra367981
Liu, Guo YongMaroubra427641
Liu, Xinyong GinoMaroubra478225
Lucas, Jason TerenceMaroubra518345
Matthews, Andrew DavidMaroubra403608
Mavrogeorgis, AsiminaMaroubra400130
Mcmah, GrantMaroubra375846
Mitry, AnthonyMaroubra416801
New Path Lending & Finance Pty LtdMaroubra476554
Newham, DavidMaroubra391235
Parkes, Bradley JasonMaroubra391208
Parsons, PaulaMaroubra505718
Pure Capital Finance Pty LtdMaroubra512764
Radomir, MarinkoMaroubra402017
Santoro, VincenzoMaroubra391217
Sensible Super Pty LtdMaroubra488535
Spoon Financial Services Pty LtdMaroubra391197
Truong, Ngoc ChengMaroubra502690
V & G Financial Services Pty LtdMaroubra391215
Wotherspoon, PeterMaroubra391201
Yellow Brick Road Wealth Management Maroubra Pty LtdMaroubra440536
Zakher, GeorgeMaroubra476645