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Credit representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Representative Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Feb. 5, 2020

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Abicat Pty LtdMalvern East442971
Anderson, SusanMalvern East429582
Axton Finance Pty LimitedMalvern East471730
Chen, JiabinMalvern East472437
Davie, KimMalvern East472882
Davison, NadiaMalvern East497832
East Malvern Community Financial Services LimitedMalvern East379659
Hall, Ruth MarionMalvern East511547
Harding, LynetteMalvern East379734
Hourigan, DeanMalvern East487288
Joseph Finance Group Pty LtdMalvern East412524
K Two Australia Pty LtdMalvern East497455
Khallouf, Sam NicholasMalvern East471781
Kloszynski, Jason GeorgeMalvern East489211
Li, LinMalvern East457660
Li, XiangMalvern East429400
Lyu, PinMalvern East508921
Maan, Parminderjeet SinghMalvern East512471
Mallard Business Solutions Pty LtdMalvern East487155
Marlinspike Hall Investments Pty. Ltd.Malvern East472626
Ozyloans Pty LtdMalvern East485751
Paulusz, LarryMalvern East419347
Pdm Urban Pty LtdMalvern East454180
Pisano, JosephMalvern East412540
Pratis, GeorgiaMalvern East459428
Psyhogios, Stephen NicholasMalvern East489413
Rayment, Philip FrankMalvern East394124
Results Home Loans Pty. Ltd.Malvern East397471
Ritch Life Pty LtdMalvern East520919
Ritchie, WadeMalvern East520918
Sabet, FarnoushMalvern East518707
Scandizzo, PhillipMalvern East399464
Shah, KrunalkumarMalvern East512032
Shah, Roocha KrunalMalvern East502933
Shaikh, MunafMalvern East485752
Shanglink Group Pty. Ltd.Malvern East494229
Signature One Finance Pty LtdMalvern East518040
Speechley, Taylor JamesMalvern East516014
Stanford, NigelMalvern East487271
Tag Finance And Loans Pty LtdMalvern East483873
Wang, Zhi YIMalvern East457661
Zhang, LIMalvern East399914