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Credit representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Representative Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Feb. 5, 2020

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Aarush Family Trust & Anju Ratna Family TrustLiverpool486177
Abdulwahed, AhmedLiverpool500189
Able Accounting & Taxation Services Pty LtdLiverpool397611
Ahmad, Khalid NaeemLiverpool494268
Aia Accounting Pty LtdLiverpool494783
Angkor Financial Serevices Pty LtdLiverpool512504
Arcaba, MiloradLiverpool369163
Arora, SumitLiverpool498057
Axiswealth Solutions Pty LtdLiverpool490724
BK Financial Services Pty LtdLiverpool510862
Bryan, Nicole MarieLiverpool367493
Burton, EvelynLiverpool373755
Burton, MarkLiverpool373081
CL Assets Pty LtdLiverpool507749
Capra Financial Planning Pty LimitedLiverpool374216
Capra, SamLiverpool374217
Chand, UmeshLiverpool466100
Chandran, Neelam DeviLiverpool480171
Chase Macarthur Pty LtdLiverpool494732
Chopra, Amrit PalLiverpool517757
Cra Financial Services Pty LtdLiverpool372357
Crnobrnja, AleksandarLiverpool516861
Dao, Kim NhutLiverpool516011
Dctr Finance Specialist Pty LtdLiverpool520272
Defilippi, DomenicLiverpool381076
Donaghey, Bruce JamesLiverpool494869
Dream Palace Financial Services Pty LtdLiverpool493267
Easy Living Investments Pty LtdLiverpool506485
Finance Matters Pty LtdLiverpool511016
First Class Mortgages Pty LtdLiverpool420740
Fmc Financial Solutions Pty LtdLiverpool394929
Furze, TroyLiverpool371124
Gerungan, Anthony AlbertLiverpool503259
Gingell, Derek AndrewLiverpool502706
Goodier, TimLiverpool483125
Green Light Financial Pty LtdLiverpool488342
Hasnic, Carol CathyLiverpool459320
Hasrouny, JohnLiverpool485965
Hedge Finance Group Pty. Ltd.Liverpool453294
Hochwallner, ManfredLiverpool370790
Holborow, Rachael SaraLiverpool396634
Hooton, MelanieLiverpool394930
Hussein, Shakuntala DeviLiverpool391738
Ince, LeventLiverpool367549
Infinity Finance Solutions Pty LimitedLiverpool484861
Iodice, ArmandoLiverpool463736
Kingdom Finance Australia Pty LtdLiverpool506412
Koh, RichardLiverpool372158
Kopeliaris, TamaraLiverpool453084
Krnjulac, SteveLiverpool497197
Ktistakis, PeterLiverpool396359
Kyle, NicholasLiverpool505655
La, CliffLiverpool481296
Lassa Investments Pty LtdLiverpool367272
Latham, Ross WalterLiverpool520337
Laycock, Ebony BethLiverpool503644
Liverpool Mortgages Pty LtdLiverpool396677
Lloyd, Christopher AndrewLiverpool398429
Menon, KrisLiverpool400286
Mhme Pty LtdLiverpool505656
Mifsud, Joseph CharlesLiverpool479469
Mohammed, ShareekLiverpool373756
Mortgage Associates Pty LtdLiverpool497730
Mortgage Link Pty LimitedLiverpool398103
Multi Finance & Investments Pty LtdLiverpool433454
Muscat, Garrison AndrewLiverpool506482
Nguyen, Thi TuyetLiverpool495640
Nguyen, Trong NathanLiverpool509822
Paradise Mortgage Brokerage Pty LtdLiverpool508802
Pillay, Dhan LakshmiLiverpool471738
Plummer, Geoffrey StephenLiverpool486039
Rajini Pty LtdLiverpool447824
Ramkhelawan, AmanLiverpool478422
Reznik, Lana SvetlanaLiverpool472678
Rios, Enrique JuanLiverpool509991
Sargent, Stephen JohnLiverpool404227
Siackhasone, VoravongLiverpool366609
Singh, SukhbirLiverpool484974
Slewa, AlenLiverpool496223
Soral, DhirendranathLiverpool493885
Sykes, Sarah JoanneLiverpool371077
Thapa & CO Pty Ltd.Liverpool513598
Thapa, RupeshLiverpool486207
Tracey, Katharine AnneLiverpool398430
Tran, Thi NgocLiverpool506009
Triffett, Michelle LeaghLiverpool508399
Trigg, Graham JohnLiverpool520237
Vella, MaryLiverpool440936
Ventrella, SteveLiverpool376801
Virtus Financial Services Pty LtdLiverpool409200
Vukelic, KristinaLiverpool510987
Wondena Pty. LimitedLiverpool368036
Yazbek, JayLiverpool398715
Yenkaiya, SubramaniLiverpool433466
Zirps, Michael HowardLiverpool440691