Credit Representatives

Credit representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Representative Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Nov. 15, 2019

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BH Holdings (wa) Pty LtdLeederville396738
Baroni, LucioLeederville398721
Barron, James AndrewLeederville446817
Boston Enterprises Pty LtdLeederville404361
Brooks, Brian ThomasLeederville388957
Bsr Finance Pty LtdLeederville491066
Bunbury Holdings Pty LtdLeederville371377
Cani Finance Pty LtdLeederville481997
Capita Finance Solutions Pty LtdLeederville454089
Carbone, MicheleLeederville516032
Carlon, TroyLeederville371175
Carrie, Antony JamesLeederville446818
Chan, Wei HongLeederville471813
Chetkovich, OliviaLeederville401655
Cox, Andrew RobertLeederville483582
Cramer, Paul AnthonyLeederville488298
Dickson, KevinLeederville399918
Donald, Adam DavidLeederville411727
Eaton, KennethLeederville464401
Executive Investments Pty LtdLeederville489780
Fatharly, Kathryn MaryLeederville514161
Glide Wealth Pty LtdLeederville438723
Greaney, TimothyLeederville375026
Guppta, Anita DeviLeederville502649
Hamilton, NevilleLeederville398702
Hawkesford, Drewe DavidLeederville446821
Hayes, DanielLeederville498189
Haywood, PhillipLeederville399872
Infinite Finance Australia Pty LtdLeederville495726
Jasnchloe Pty LtdLeederville518325
Joss Investments Pty LtdLeederville396914
Ladores, Lalaine DelfinLeederville517972
Lepidi, SusanLeederville394679
Liquid Financial Services Pty LtdLeederville461319
Meloni, MarcoLeederville398720
Milligan, LouiseLeederville400367
Newbert, MarkLeederville371376
Onion Home Loans Pty LtdLeederville491510
Profitline Finance Pty LtdLeederville515990
Riley, Darren KennethLeederville446819
Rollo, BreeLeederville426994
Schonwolf, MarisaLeederville399909
Scully, Ehren MichaelLeederville491511
Settled Finance Pty LtdLeederville495503
Smith, DarrenLeederville432247
Smith, Isaac ThomasLeederville515991
Stepanova, YuliyaLeederville515720
Stokeld, John WilliamLeederville390126
The Local Car & Leasing Company Pty. Ltd.Leederville489744
Timms, LydiaLeederville399854
Varga, TiborLeederville446820
Vasaio Pty LtdLeederville487649
Weir, Raymond JohnLeederville475110
Wiz Planning & Finance Pty LtdLeederville516048