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Credit Representatives

Credit representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Representative Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: June 4, 2020

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Abundantia Painting Pty LtdKellyville491543
Adaikalavan, AnnamalaiKellyville504997
Aia Solutions Pty LtdKellyville495629
Alenquer Group Pty LtdKellyville502017
Armas, NormitaKellyville399633
Auchere, Sophie MichelleKellyville518403
Billeh, Abraham KhalilKellyville491173
Boulevard One Pty. LimitedKellyville506145
Bsm (aust) Pty LimitedKellyville410016
Cadac Group Pty LtdKellyville509805
Can Finance Group Pty LtdKellyville491063
Capital Sorted Pty LtdKellyville523080
Constantinou, ConstantinosKellyville491219
Custodio, BryanKellyville523081
DE Juan, RogelioKellyville367453
Dahu, Lisa MareeKellyville521180
Ebullient Group Pty LtdKellyville414480
El-rahi, KatarzynaKellyville474086
Elcon Solutions Pty LtdKellyville491199
Eren, ArmanKellyville470943
Fernandes, John SavioKellyville502292
Finsmart Finance Group Pty LtdKellyville466667
Fleming, David JohnKellyville390346
Garcia Financial Pty. Ltd.Kellyville424288
Garcia, HectorKellyville420409
Ghimire, Shirish RajKellyville478342
Golden Age 888 Pty LtdKellyville519173
Hakim, TonyKellyville475202
Honeycomb Finance Group Pty LtdKellyville495922
Ibarra, Andres EduardoKellyville418309
Jassal, HarinderKellyville414476
Kadry, SteveKellyville482374
Kaur, KuldipKellyville507663
Kent, SarahKellyville516732
Kodi, LokeshKellyville516330
Kudoz Financial Services Pty LtdKellyville514268
Lally Consulting Group Pty LtdKellyville507628
Liang, ChunmingKellyville513804
Liu, CathyKellyville494784
Manson Financial Services Pty LtdKellyville515227
Manson, Ryan JamesKellyville491457
Mcdonald, Justine MarieKellyville496027
Mills, Bruce StuartKellyville437121
Mireskandari, AtoussaKellyville491390
Mistry, DaxabenKellyville504731
Monteiro, TonyKellyville381511
Online Showroom Pty LtdKellyville521149
Partol, Gagan DeepKellyville500726
Patel, Bhumika PuravbhaiKellyville505259
Pethani, FirozKellyville448209
Riz Finance Pty LtdKellyville511356
Rizvi, AsadKellyville511383
Shivalkar, Mandar SudhakarKellyville496103
Soliman, Nader SafwatKellyville484512
Tam, Tat-mingKellyville498042
Tanuwidjaja, SurjaniKellyville484650
Urosevic, MilicaKellyville481497
Vancuylenberg, MauroKellyville503066
Wadhwani, AnupaKellyville412961
Yeo, EstherKellyville375250
Ymh Financial Services Pty LimitedKellyville503068
Yolk Finance Pty LtdKellyville510093
Zaheer Lalani Financial Services Pty LtdKellyville441969
Zhang, XuanKellyville502085