Credit Representatives

Credit representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Representative Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Feb. 5, 2020

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A.c.n. 629 682 088 Pty LtdJoondalup513973
Ark (aus) Pty LtdJoondalup503180
Astute Financial Planning Pty LtdJoondalup378009
Barlal Pty LtdJoondalup519423
Blee, KarenJoondalup510900
Carruthers, Mark JamesJoondalup420331
Crook, RussellJoondalup379010
DE Beer, Johannes PhilippusJoondalup510996
Davis, EminaJoondalup519549
Demello, Richard AinsleyJoondalup420329
Enlighten Financial Services Pty LtdJoondalup381063
Filing, JamesJoondalup372920
Filing, PaulJoondalup371432
Filing, Phillip EdwardJoondalup371482
Firstace Pty LtdJoondalup419787
Green, Michael JohnJoondalup501599
Hamilton, Paul SimonJoondalup368982
Hili, JosephJoondalup398760
Hitch, Gary NeilJoondalup503181
Hugo, JacquesJoondalup419458
Ivankovich, NatalieJoondalup519422
Jeffrey, RebeccaJoondalup479341
Ji, RuiJoondalup506569
Joondalup Filing Pty LtdJoondalup367832
Lecras, LeonieJoondalup420332
Luda Financial Solutions Pty LtdJoondalup446229
Martinez, Veronica MarinaJoondalup430804
Mazzucchelli, Sandra LynetteJoondalup420326
Mclearie, GrantJoondalup368986
Micallef Finance Pty. Ltd.Joondalup422072
Micallef, Aaron AndrewJoondalup422073
Rosey Lane Pty LtdJoondalup519550
Sellyn Corporation Pty LtdJoondalup377749
Shah, SaritJoondalup372009
Smith, DarrinJoondalup370417
Stone, BruceJoondalup438023
Sunstorm Nominees Pty LtdJoondalup396746
Tate, Paul AnthonyJoondalup469568
Today Loans Australia Pty LtdJoondalup475032
Urquhart, David GeorgeJoondalup420325
Ward, Rebecca MareeJoondalup516611
Whittle, Cristina AnneJoondalup488383