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Credit representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Representative Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Nov. 15, 2019

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Ascent Private Wealth Pty. Ltd.Hawthorn East377197
Asck Pty LtdHawthorn East386055
Australian Home Loans & Mortgage Solutions Pty LtdHawthorn East484375
Ban, Bradley CheeHawthorn East518924
Bbsm Enterprises Pty. Ltd.Hawthorn East478302
Buffet, BertrandHawthorn East447379
Capital B Solutions Pty LtdHawthorn East518890
Chen, Jayden YangHawthorn East479800
Crimmins, Samuel BryanHawthorn East477757
Curry, Sam AlexanderHawthorn East406848
DE Kretser, David AndrewHawthorn East369395
Dunlop, Michael ChristopherHawthorn East496292
E Select Finance Pty LtdHawthorn East503880
Equus Partners Finance Pty LtdHawthorn East496384
Faisal, Mohammed AbuHawthorn East491355
Faustin, NicolasHawthorn East516366
First Stop Capital Pty LtdHawthorn East484397
George, DanielHawthorn East371133
Grant Mcwhinney Pty LtdHawthorn East401522
Harris, ThomasHawthorn East494861
Hoppe, RichardHawthorn East453685
Investor Refund Pty LtdHawthorn East418892
Jessica, BountroukasHawthorn East511594
Jia, YidanHawthorn East480373
Jimmy Son & Associates Pty. Ltd.Hawthorn East381013
Karunagoda, Upul KeerthiHawthorn East484376
Keating, Nathan BennetHawthorn East408228
Kenny, John PatrickHawthorn East476788
Kerr, Samuel GeorgeHawthorn East513721
Koo, YihsingHawthorn East364518
Koulouris, ConstantinoHawthorn East374964
Kourouvanis, NicholasHawthorn East417578
Kusli, Paul JohnHawthorn East398503
Lau, JenniferHawthorn East485119
Le, LE TOHawthorn East485120
Lee, JoshuaHawthorn East503342
Lemerit Finance Pty LtdHawthorn East482836
Li, ZhongyiHawthorn East465715
Ling, Caroline LeeHawthorn East461270
Link Wealth Group Pty. Ltd.Hawthorn East423835
Lunardi, Daniel PaulHawthorn East477011
Mcwhinney, GrantHawthorn East373410
Mgt Professional Services Pty. Ltd.Hawthorn East391213
Moore, KonradHawthorn East371336
Nairn, Christopher DavidHawthorn East409533
O'toole, Mark GerardHawthorn East372422
Oak Wealth Solutions Pty LtdHawthorn East382800
Pearl Business And Mortgage Finance Pty LtdHawthorn East511582
Pei, SisiHawthorn East479801
Place, IanHawthorn East371237
Prairie Heritage Wealth Management Pty LtdHawthorn East412012
Property Planning Australia (victoria) Pty LtdHawthorn East466653
Qu, Pei YueHawthorn East473209
Remarkable Finance Pty LtdHawthorn East504900
Rft Finance Pty LtdHawthorn East491354
Rjyaus Pty LtdHawthorn East488350
Roach, MatthewHawthorn East500986
Sakura Wealth Financial Services Pty LtdHawthorn East513946
Selvaratnam, JovanHawthorn East444752
Singh, JaspreetHawthorn East516091
Sloane, StephenHawthorn East372030
Son, JimmyHawthorn East372044
Sophia Stavropoulos Pty LtdHawthorn East491629
Stavropoulos, SophiaHawthorn East492966
Synergy Financial Services Pty LtdHawthorn East390863
Tan, LeanHawthorn East485733
Tan, XiangboHawthorn East502704
Thomas, CourtneyHawthorn East486371
Truong, Paul DuygiacHawthorn East509676
Tully, Matthew GerardHawthorn East391214
Van Dort, Joanne BernadetteHawthorn East457107
Wang, JingyiHawthorn East501338
Waters, ClintonHawthorn East398969
Xu, ManliHawthorn East516248
Zhang, BinHawthorn East483772