Credit Representatives

Credit representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Representative Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Sept. 3, 2019

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Admoni, ChaimGordon496071
Albertus Pty LtdGordon466120
Amg Hornsby Pty LtdGordon515647
Awyong Pty LtdGordon483040
Barker, LeighGordon400500
Chen, JackGordon500935
Chew, PatrickGordon380373
Eclipse Management Holdings Pty LimitedGordon461740
Glover, StuartGordon406840
Greg Hitchcock Brokering Pty LtdGordon481667
Gu, KaiwenGordon468397
Henry, AnthonyGordon400035
Home Loans Canberra Pty LtdGordon490522
Investorplan Pty LtdGordon413328
Kornerstone Property And Finance Pty. Ltd.Gordon473807
Kouala Investment Pty LtdGordon512285
Lanzon, JoanneGordon376272
Lee, Pui WahGordon473865
Loong, JacksonGordon406904
Makers Finance Pty LtdGordon500865
Martin, JacintaGordon477567
Mcphan, KimGordon376274
Mitchell, Rebecca AnneGordon407515
Morris, Susan JanetGordon452421
Mwc Group Pty LtdGordon407501
Northern Wealth Advisory Group Pty LtdGordon369147
Orbit Wealth Pty LtdGordon477611
Peng, Rick Yu-hsuehGordon429614
Rudsari, Abbas EntezamiGordon445460
Saastart Pty LtdGordon496072
Singh, ManjitGordon413329
Tiwibis Pty LtdGordon487454
Tnt Finance (act) Pty LtdGordon396974
Tyson, JohnGordon368672
Vassallo, JamesGordon442905
Vickers, Matthew JamesGordon466021
Waldron, Albertus GregoryGordon407514
Wealth Mortgage Broking Pty LtdGordon442876
Wei Management Pty LtdGordon467775
Woodward, DarrylGordon398907
Zhang, XinyiGordon437719