Credit Representatives

Credit representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Representative Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Feb. 5, 2020

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Ahern, Brett LeightonFortitude Valley511251
Ahj Lending Services Pty LtdFortitude Valley503968
Altone Developments Pty LtdFortitude Valley397630
Approved Financial Consulting Pty LtdFortitude Valley383566
Bamman, Julia LeslieFortitude Valley482907
Belcher, JasonFortitude Valley465339
Bott, Anthony EdwardFortitude Valley436920
Bradley, Wayne GraemeFortitude Valley518350
Cameron, Kelly LynetteFortitude Valley400766
Chang, AndyFortitude Valley520291
Cope, Edwin JamesFortitude Valley478955
Crouch, Joseph AntonyFortitude Valley437477
D Maree Finance Pty LtdFortitude Valley502056
Dawson, Sebastien ShaelFortitude Valley429785
Dellit & Webb Wealth Services Pty LtdFortitude Valley491902
Dellit, HughFortitude Valley492039
Dickinson, Justin CharlesFortitude Valley493744
Fornaro Finance Pty LtdFortitude Valley466025
Fornaro, TonyFortitude Valley378625
Gardik, Linn GeorgiaFortitude Valley518351
Gillman, Tamara JayneFortitude Valley465887
Granzin, Tania LouiseFortitude Valley519085
Haynes, Bradley JohnFortitude Valley485653
Hodges, Jason JohnFortitude Valley489573
Holo Home Loans Pty LtdFortitude Valley493411
Inness, Lisa AnneFortitude Valley384463
Inspire Leverage Pty LtdFortitude Valley491958
Jackson, David JohnFortitude Valley406820
Jacobsen, KristinFortitude Valley423042
Jean-baptiste, CarolineFortitude Valley379309
Jebafin Pty LtdFortitude Valley378499
Keating, Justin JohnFortitude Valley503588
Kelcam Investments Pty. Ltd.Fortitude Valley400765
Kemp, ChadFortitude Valley398149
Kennedy, Belinda RachelFortitude Valley466041
Khan, Shoheel FarazFortitude Valley462418
Kilvington, ScottFortitude Valley374940
Kretschmer, David EdwardFortitude Valley402895
Lmm Holdings Pty LimitedFortitude Valley396044
Lonergan, JamesFortitude Valley414316
Macginley, WilliamFortitude Valley520292
Mayhill, David BruceFortitude Valley403248
Mazi Financial Services Pty LtdFortitude Valley513136
Medipro Capital Finance Pty LtdFortitude Valley432265
Mills, Craig WilliamFortitude Valley384462
Moore, GavinFortitude Valley365596
Muller, AnastasiaFortitude Valley520324
Nextgen Financial Services Pty LtdFortitude Valley495824
O'donoghue, SeanFortitude Valley380462
PE Er, YosefFortitude Valley429787
Pearson, AnthonyFortitude Valley399546
Ralls, TeaganFortitude Valley482431
Ratcliffe, Paul JosephFortitude Valley439935
Saggiomo, Gino LorenzoFortitude Valley407198
Shepherd, NicoleFortitude Valley520380
Silvester, JulianFortitude Valley520468
Sinatra, JO JohnFortitude Valley517497
South Qld Consulting Pty LtdFortitude Valley511214
Strong, KeiranFortitude Valley504821
Thompson, Matthew BernardFortitude Valley458504
Tiyur, KirnjeetFortitude Valley486096
True Journey Financial Planning Pty LtdFortitude Valley465886
Unity Partners Pty LtdFortitude Valley402826
Van Tienen, DerlinFortitude Valley378282
Vanderwolf, Ross AlwyndFortitude Valley407201
Walker, Benjamin JacobFortitude Valley503406
Ward, TimothyFortitude Valley413697
Wilson, Danielle MareeFortitude Valley502142
Zigenbine, KevinFortitude Valley513192