Credit Representatives

Credit representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Representative Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Nov. 15, 2019

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Aishou, John JonahFairfield499091
Azaris, JohnFairfield490265
B Walker Financial Services Pty. Ltd.Fairfield364695
Bernet, RaymondFairfield421003
Boyd Mortgage Brokers Pty LtdFairfield472320
Chen, ZhinianFairfield487553
Chhay, Huy HengFairfield515833
Chhay, Huy LengFairfield503304
Chhay, Huy MengFairfield508834
Chuan & YA Pty LtdFairfield499566
Cnk Mortgage Finance Pty LtdFairfield503305
Dao, Viet DungFairfield517681
Dooley, BronwynFairfield376582
Douglas Financial Pty LtdFairfield383926
Douglas, JeffreyFairfield384545
Drane, Mary AnneFairfield445224
Drever, RonaldFairfield368930
Field Dicks Pty. Ltd.Fairfield504720
Field, LumberdinaFairfield498435
Field, SamFairfield448472
Gong, XiaomingziFairfield505696
Goradia, HarshitFairfield495496
Huang, YuchuanFairfield499567
Jones, HayleyFairfield497761
KV Money Pty LtdFairfield508649
Lubarda, Daniel ChristianFairfield485891
Mkra Pty LtdFairfield508835
N Corp Pty LtdFairfield509707
Newton, ChristineFairfield488408
Pham, Thi HaiFairfield509979
Sech Finance Pty LtdFairfield485900
Terre, Wanda EvelynFairfield517920
Tran, Khai XuanFairfield508711
Tran, Luong HienFairfield517492
Trieu, Duy PhongFairfield479198
Trifunovic, StevisaFairfield486563
Trinity Finance Pty LtdFairfield516525
Utah, ChristopherFairfield405784
Villar, EdgarFairfield506737
Vo, Amy En-huiFairfield473973
Vo, Thi BachFairfield472330
Wealth Mortgage Pty LtdFairfield509877
Wei's Services Pty LtdFairfield507523
Wei, LiangFairfield507524
Wu, XueyuanFairfield479486
Yay, IpekFairfield515665
Yes Choice International Group Pty LtdFairfield515832