Credit Representatives

Credit representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Representative Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Sept. 3, 2019

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AB Mortgage Solutions Pty LtdEpping510200
Accountants & Tax Agents Pty. Ltd.Epping461688
Acn 115 530 624 Pty LtdEpping496030
Agarwal, AjayEpping383118
Aggarwal, NehaEpping510648
Asra Wealth Consulting Pty LtdEpping498073
Authentic Mortgage Solutions Pty LtdEpping492925
Award Mortgage Adelaide Pty LtdEpping508537
Berry Actuarial Planning Pty LtdEpping513934
Berry, Mark DavidEpping513993
Bob XU & CO Pty LtdEpping490562
Budhiraja, Pritam LalEpping511213
Chopra, VijayEpping517239
Delex Finance Solutions Pty LtdEpping507724
Doan, Dinh ManhEpping513992
Doumtsis, Lawrence PaulEpping431121
Dreamworks Mortgage Pty LtdEpping470084
Eaglestone Financial Group Pty LtdEpping515543
Gasparini, ShanEpping365780
Gupta, AkritiEpping498170
Gupta, SanjeevEpping498164
Hickman, GeoffreyEpping368996
Hodge Financial Planning Pty LtdEpping369089
Hodge, BradleyEpping368807
Hodge, WarwickEpping368806
Huang, YuruiEpping495566
Hussain, Taimur IqbalEpping466117
Ilend Financial Solutions Pty LtdEpping487861
Indoor Foliage Pty. LimitedEpping368502
Inguanti, FabioEpping495921
Integra Financial Group Pty LtdEpping369090
Jackson, Susan LorraineEpping409813
Jiang, XiangEpping484963
Jim Hickman Financial Services Pty. LimitedEpping367709
Jovcevski, VasilikiEpping442943
Kaur, HarmeetEpping514294
Kohu, EsterEpping507983
Kumar, Cherukandoth AnilEpping376123
Lavocah, Alan JohnEpping476152
Lee, Sang JUEpping431392
Leung, KA ShingEpping518266
Liang, YingEpping514840
Lsks Loans Pty LtdEpping417167
Luo, QingqunEpping459196
Mather, Thayalan JuliusEpping461800
Mcmillan, Jordan HughEpping400315
Milton, KimberleyEpping480611
Mutti, Scion KaranEpping470242
Naddaf, MirvatEpping487860
Nikolovski, GeorgeEpping387126
Priyananda, ManelEpping480690
Raa Frs Pty LtdEpping498533
Randhawa, KamalEpping514347
Ray, SusanEpping368716
Reward Home Loan Australia Pty. Ltd.Epping514496
SG Square Pty LtdEpping511709
Shon, Neo HOEpping509999
Shona Financial Solutions Pty LtdEpping364751
Singh, HarpreetEpping501965
Singh, SimarpreetEpping511710
Sino, RamirEpping513777
Smart Plan Australia Pty. Ltd.Epping430955
Smith, David WilliamEpping487899
Snnb Enterprises Pty LtdEpping366480
T1 Associates Pty LtdEpping511766
Tang, AOEpping428274
Triantos, KonstantinosEpping486247
Trimnell-ritchard, ShaunEpping373044
Wang, ZhenwuEpping498012
Warwick R Hodge Pty LtdEpping370062
Wickramasinghe, GayanEpping508558
Xu, DongEpping490681
Xu, RolandEpping517395
Zhu, XiaolingEpping486206