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Credit representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Representative Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Nov. 15, 2019

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Advice Advantage Pty LtdEast Brisbane371939
Alamsah, BillyEast Brisbane481513
Andersen, Brian GlynnEast Brisbane371571
Baker, Scott AndrewEast Brisbane458526
Barbouttis, Jack BasilEast Brisbane369540
Bettini, JohnEast Brisbane453934
Blackford, LeahEast Brisbane397859
Blake, AnnEast Brisbane370908
Blake, Rebekah RuthEast Brisbane393118
Bolton, RobertEast Brisbane485520
Buchecker, MikeEast Brisbane371075
Burger Family Loans Pty LtdEast Brisbane497044
Chang, XIEast Brisbane514490
Chapman, David JohnEast Brisbane483839
Clinnick, Nathan JamesEast Brisbane511608
Complete Finance Pty LtdEast Brisbane384612
Cooke, SineadEast Brisbane487284
Corta, PeterEast Brisbane478184
Cryer, JoelEast Brisbane477923
Digital Diamondmine Pty LtdEast Brisbane368039
Dixon Financial Services Pty LtdEast Brisbane378682
Dixon, PeterEast Brisbane371659
Eddy, Cameron AlexanderEast Brisbane510424
Elliott, LitsaEast Brisbane509386
Farrell, PaulEast Brisbane374383
Foley, Nicholas RonaldEast Brisbane492726
Forsyth, Andrew JohnEast Brisbane373651
Freebody, NathanEast Brisbane488992
Frendo, Leigh EllenEast Brisbane439626
Georgi, SamirEast Brisbane379357
Get Ahead Finance Pty LtdEast Brisbane411188
Glassford, SarahEast Brisbane497342
Goonewardena, Vajira PandukaEast Brisbane392663
Griffiths, IanEast Brisbane374377
Hale, PaulEast Brisbane365557
Hall, GrahameEast Brisbane371086
Hall, RochelleEast Brisbane370756
Hassan, JeffreyEast Brisbane371937
Higgins, MoniqueEast Brisbane417212
Ibrahim, GeoffreyEast Brisbane371521
Jarman, MichaelEast Brisbane482509
Kapoor, AshishEast Brisbane515700
Keen, JohnEast Brisbane510636
Key Retirement Solutions Pty LtdEast Brisbane425817
Kohler, JudithEast Brisbane372676
Laverty, JacquelineEast Brisbane431544
Loketi, HevahaEast Brisbane516972
Mackey, ChristineEast Brisbane370909
Maguire, MichaelEast Brisbane373070
Makkinga, MalcolmEast Brisbane373075
Manley, Christopher JamesEast Brisbane518390
Markovic, RitchieEast Brisbane513461
Marshall, JonathanEast Brisbane372685
Martin, HeatherEast Brisbane456722
Mcdonald, AlfredoEast Brisbane516851
Mckean, JanelleEast Brisbane487914
Mclean, AshleyEast Brisbane443845
Mehmet, ErsoyEast Brisbane416680
Metcalfe, DanielEast Brisbane489033
Mitchell-taylor, VickiEast Brisbane370481
Morris, ChristopherEast Brisbane375891
N Foley Investments Pty LtdEast Brisbane492725
Oliver, Ingbritt AmandaEast Brisbane493734
Oliver, MathewEast Brisbane480163
Orphan, DanielEast Brisbane480333
Orwin, Geoffrey AlanEast Brisbane419992
Parker, SuzanneEast Brisbane504473
Pressly, Emma SusanEast Brisbane508291
Roberts, MichaelEast Brisbane373095
Rodgers, RossEast Brisbane487587
Senjaya, HarryEast Brisbane516183
Shol, Youeil FrancesEast Brisbane508872
Sirius Capital Finance Pty LtdEast Brisbane367776
Smith, MelanieEast Brisbane392001
Sohal, Jatinder KaurEast Brisbane510050
Stacey, Charmayne LeahEast Brisbane516849
Stewart, JamesEast Brisbane372769
Taylor, AlanEast Brisbane370471
The Trustee For The Jabba Finance TrustEast Brisbane371522
Vagg, PatrickEast Brisbane498691
Venn, Lisa MareeEast Brisbane444093
Warren, HamishEast Brisbane517414
Wenzel, TrentonEast Brisbane469398
Williams, PeterEast Brisbane439637
Wong, TommyEast Brisbane370515
Woodhouse, JohnEast Brisbane495671
Yamanashi, JulieEast Brisbane370579
Yamanashi, ShuichiEast Brisbane370576