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Credit representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Representative Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: June 24, 2019

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Anderson, EvetteDoncaster East399251
Asset Finance 338 Pty LtdDoncaster East491171
Asset Finance Solutions Pty. Ltd.Doncaster East397792
Attana, Cassandra LouiseDoncaster East500612
Barrington, Raymond BruceDoncaster East459689
Beveridge, BenjaminDoncaster East497445
Bezemer, MarkDoncaster East368389
Bhatia, RishiDoncaster East480545
Broaden Your Options Pty. Ltd.Doncaster East374138
Canham Financial Services Pty LtdDoncaster East367701
Chan, AdrianDoncaster East497324
Chan, EliseDoncaster East375339
Chapter Financial Group Pty LtdDoncaster East434243
Che, YuqinDoncaster East499801
Chow, David ShyueDoncaster East413515
Dhedhy, MuzzammilDoncaster East491312
Dreamer's Landing Pty LtdDoncaster East503551
Gao, YIDoncaster East503585
Girardi, AndrewDoncaster East408550
Gu, XinDoncaster East449661
H & R Wang Pty LtdDoncaster East470341
Harvey, Melanie JaneDoncaster East513167
Henman, BarrieDoncaster East400464
Honarvar, Mohammad RezaDoncaster East508214
Hossain, AhmedDoncaster East444108
Hu, YIDoncaster East482682
Innovative Financial Concepts (aust.) Pty. Ltd.Doncaster East396983
J.y.z Finance Pty LtdDoncaster East481940
JT Mortgage Financial Services Pty LtdDoncaster East477313
Jones, Lisa JaneDoncaster East459687
Kangold Investments Pty LtdDoncaster East445115
Kapsalis, JimDoncaster East442723
Kerrigan, ChristopherDoncaster East439692
Khatter, SmritiDoncaster East500317
Khoi, Kean SoonDoncaster East507466
Kria Mortgage Managers Pty LtdDoncaster East484015
Lee Lim Pty LtdDoncaster East397164
Lee, Suet YeeDoncaster East484536
Lee, Yun CheongDoncaster East477706
Lee, Yun HangDoncaster East477439
Li, JueDoncaster East445114
Licciardi, MarioDoncaster East378888
Lightfoot, Susie AnnettaDoncaster East497029
Lim, Lee KwiDoncaster East401276
Magnificent Finance Pty LtdDoncaster East489725
Manningham Community Enterprises LimitedDoncaster East374744
Martin, Rachel MareeDoncaster East370349
Maylin, PhilDoncaster East406367
Mckenzie, Rhonda AnnDoncaster East370358
Miranda, JudeDoncaster East376871
Moore, ShaneenDoncaster East399252
More Than Finance Pty LtdDoncaster East485853
Mortgage Logic Pty LtdDoncaster East481204
Neofitou, MatthewDoncaster East497999
Nine Stitches Finance Pty LtdDoncaster East497265
O'shea, TinaDoncaster East382429
Oshry, MerwynDoncaster East374288
Peakstone Pty. Ltd.Doncaster East481806
Persia Group Pty LtdDoncaster East508158
Peters, Marilyn RibayaDoncaster East515899
Phaedonos, NicholasDoncaster East498000
Planning For Life Australia Pty LtdDoncaster East464369
Prime Lending Solutions Pty LtdDoncaster East516502
Progress Finance Pty LtdDoncaster East419770
Reliance Finance Pty. Ltd.Doncaster East364700
Rivera, Flor DEDoncaster East493696
Rodrigues, Brenton EdmundDoncaster East482693
Rodrigues, EdmundDoncaster East415544
S Finance Pty. Ltd.Doncaster East442724
Sasfin Services Pty. Ltd.Doncaster East515363
Smith, DianneDoncaster East375735
Statewide Finance Pty LtdDoncaster East483669
Stiles Finance Geelong Pty LtdDoncaster East502844
Stiles, Wayne AndrewDoncaster East482665
Strategic Life Management Pty LtdDoncaster East416610
Tai, Sai LeungDoncaster East477378
Tangas, TomDoncaster East417127
Thakkar, Prashant VikramDoncaster East479020
Thompson, Paul HowardDoncaster East459690
Top Luck International Investment Pty LtdDoncaster East477438
Wang, AnneDoncaster East470340
Wang, Sunlan SharonDoncaster East433034
Wang, Yan FengDoncaster East400559
Wealth Custodians Pty LtdDoncaster East370064
Xu, JiawenDoncaster East478199
Yat, RobertDoncaster East370991
Zhang, MengDoncaster East445293
Zhang, YingDoncaster East420131
Zhao, YangDoncaster East479459
Zheng, GuoDoncaster East399665