Credit Representatives

Credit representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Representative Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Nov. 15, 2019

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Agentmortgage Pty Limited.Crows Nest415635
Ags Financial Group Pty LimitedCrows Nest370759
Anderson, Daniel ChristieCrows Nest501054
Andrews, NicholasCrows Nest369503
Appian Way Financial Services Pty LtdCrows Nest424980
Armbruster, KurtCrows Nest408247
Ashcroft, Melissa JaneCrows Nest499684
Attard, Colin VictorCrows Nest406695
Beaver & CO Pty LtdCrows Nest517931
Beaver, Minh NguyetCrows Nest478836
Beck, PeterCrows Nest415318
Bennetts, MarkCrows Nest513913
Berlee, AlexanderCrows Nest370760
Boadle, Clare ConnollyCrows Nest498818
Bolstad, PaulCrows Nest370740
Brindle, RebekahCrows Nest424072
Bull & Bear Financial Strategies Pty LtdCrows Nest389233
Carroll, Sam LachlanCrows Nest365248
Cox, Kane IsacCrows Nest486305
Creecy, DavidCrows Nest415741
Darbinian Investment Solutions Pty LtdCrows Nest366741
Darbinian, AnjelikaCrows Nest370480
Franz, Archie JasonCrows Nest388609
Frey, PeterCrows Nest388085
Ganjas Pty LtdCrows Nest377319
Gilbert, MelissaCrows Nest406631
Graham, TimothyCrows Nest456117
Gray, PeterCrows Nest373813
Guo, FengCrows Nest498411
Hale, Ethan JonCrows Nest500171
Hall, David WarrenCrows Nest424879
Hibbert, Kristy AnneCrows Nest370861
Hilmer, Tristen JohnCrows Nest476785
Ioannidis, JimCrows Nest385504
Jones, Bruce StephenCrows Nest480034
Leapfrog Financial Pty. Ltd.Crows Nest405376
Lloyd, Matthew JosephCrows Nest488618
Mavalvala, ArishCrows Nest517170
Michael, KiangCrows Nest514316
Mizzi, JoanneCrows Nest455030
Mlc Advice Crows Nest Pty LtdCrows Nest519351
Mojsovski, NickCrows Nest483138
O'mally, Lionel JohnCrows Nest495180
Open Network Funding Pty LtdCrows Nest505785
Pawson, AnthonyCrows Nest411589
Perrine, Gavin DUCrows Nest393640
Pieknik, Harald WalterCrows Nest406907
Pritchard, DavidCrows Nest372314
QR Financial Group Pty. Ltd.Crows Nest498396
Righttrac Planning Pty LtdCrows Nest449019
Seeto, Raymond ChungCrows Nest496077
Sheppard, PatrickCrows Nest372019
Silvan Park Holdings Pty LtdCrows Nest488258
Specialist Advice Pty LtdCrows Nest519409
Suchenko, GeorgeCrows Nest405206
Talem Finance Pty LimitedCrows Nest504331
Tater, VandanaCrows Nest481608
Taylor, Christopher LindsayCrows Nest474775
Total Clarity Group Pty LtdCrows Nest386133
Widjaya, RudyCrows Nest399933
Willis, JamesCrows Nest381031
Y@s Pty LtdCrows Nest517169