Credit Representatives

Credit representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Representative Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: June 24, 2019

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Alina National Pty LtdChadstone514083
Anderson, Michael CharlesChadstone406390
Aozora Connections Pty LtdChadstone497239
Bitar, SamerChadstone424080
Cantsilieris, AdamChadstone467278
Cavallaro, MirellaChadstone427503
Chandrasekharan Saradha, SrikanthChadstone404359
Dbij Finance Pty LtdChadstone501164
Duscott Lending Solutions Pty LtdChadstone492418
Ellis, Andre JeanChadstone513574
Ferguson, GaryChadstone454107
Gameras, EfthimiosChadstone502373
Gameras, NickChadstone502374
Giacometti, TrevorChadstone365581
Grimmer, Steven HughChadstone425773
H-l W International Pty. Ltd.Chadstone492005
Harland Financial Planning Pty. Ltd.Chadstone497977
Harland, Stephen PhilipChadstone472445
Harrosh, AlanChadstone398857
Harrosh, MarkChadstone399766
Icompare Industries Pty LtdChadstone497864
Karagiozoglou, PeterChadstone494739
Koutsimanis, JordanChadstone503459
Medi Credi Pty LtdChadstone515758
Mortgage Investment Partners Pty LtdChadstone480511
Munro, Jeffrey GraemeChadstone475982
Murcott, Roscoe AdrianChadstone424333
Octagon Financial Consultants Pty LtdChadstone502266
Perera, UswattaChadstone480400
Rakheja, Suresh VasdevChadstone501179
Recto, BenignoChadstone487922
Rosh Financial Group Pty. Ltd.Chadstone397145
Ryan, Daniel PatrickChadstone485075
Stojkovic, ZoranChadstone509455
Tyler, Benjamin DeanChadstone511105
Tyrol Holdings Pty LtdChadstone475981
V. S. Bitar Group Pty LtdChadstone423225
Wijeyesinghe, FabianChadstone388719
Zheng, ChristinaChadstone492215