Credit Representatives

Credit representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Representative Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Nov. 15, 2019

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Aggarwal & Lee Pty LtdCastle Hill487826
Aggarwal, RajeshCastle Hill487827
Alpha Consulting Group (fp) Pty LtdCastle Hill397168
Ariana Financial Services Pty LtdCastle Hill518270
Badaoui, CharlieCastle Hill501865
Bhatt, Kapil SubhashCastle Hill476220
Bjz Finance Pty LimitedCastle Hill500516
Bmoney Group Pty LtdCastle Hill517934
Bonafin Investments Pty LtdCastle Hill517388
Bonaventura, MarkCastle Hill398635
C Link Constructions Pty. Ltd.Castle Hill516414
Calabrese, FrankCastle Hill447243
Capital Plus Finance Pty LtdCastle Hill508317
Carter, Glen HenryCastle Hill403061
Chivers, Graham AdrianCastle Hill402794
Chng, KennethCastle Hill450416
Clark, WayneCastle Hill397169
Concept Finance Group Pty LtdCastle Hill463675
Custodian Financial Advice Pty LtdCastle Hill401378
Dai, FanCastle Hill489639
Dang, Hong LoanCastle Hill477394
Darmalingam, NupikaCastle Hill394363
Dickie, Brett JustinCastle Hill371767
Euphoria Services Pty LtdCastle Hill493449
Family Secure Pty LtdCastle Hill440525
Fernando, JosephCastle Hill399928
Fiducia Wealth Management Pty LtdCastle Hill501448
G & V Chivers Pty LtdCastle Hill503949
Gleeson Loans Pty LtdCastle Hill489581
Habibzadeh, EsmaeilCastle Hill505012
Hillcrest Lending Pty LtdCastle Hill494157
Hills Financial Services Pty LtdCastle Hill389951
Hoang, MY HangCastle Hill511415
Hubbard, AlexCastle Hill372492
Hussin, ChristopherCastle Hill402016
Impact Point Pty LtdCastle Hill422070
Investment Retirement Insurance & Superannuation (iris) Pty LtdCastle Hill374915
Kadayifci, CigdemCastle Hill374914
Kadayifci, MustafaCastle Hill374916
Kako Financial Group Pty LtdCastle Hill503981
Karim, NaqeebCastle Hill480867
Kothari, UditCastle Hill492020
L & S Financial Services Pty LtdCastle Hill397036
Lakhotia, NehaCastle Hill512533
Lee, AlbertCastle Hill487828
Lee, Weng TakCastle Hill511417
Lendconnect Pty LtdCastle Hill511418
Link, Christopher MichaelCastle Hill516415
MH Services Pty LtdCastle Hill511416
Magnanimous Finance Solutions Pty LtdCastle Hill492732
Magtanong, ArtemioCastle Hill486972
Maxi Own Home Loans Pty. Ltd.Castle Hill461840
Mcgowan, Colin JohnCastle Hill479268
Mortgage Plus & Money Transfer Solutions Pty LtdCastle Hill505011
Nassoor, David MichaelCastle Hill436273
Nican Media Solutions Pty LtdCastle Hill508482
Nowzari, ZahraCastle Hill518303
Opal Financial Management Services Pty LtdCastle Hill501094
Osborne, Mark GregoryCastle Hill462102
Pathirane, RohiniCastle Hill368946
Raffles Financial Solutions Pty LtdCastle Hill502841
Russell, Carol AnnCastle Hill379114
Seo, Amy YeonjungCastle Hill483435
Sixth Sense Solution Pty LtdCastle Hill440006
Smith, DonnaCastle Hill432245
Smith, Jason MatthewCastle Hill508502
Sultana, Paul JohnCastle Hill393519
Tacharakal Cannoth, Mohammed NiyazCastle Hill485162
Thank You Finance Pty LtdCastle Hill501864
Tikellis Investments Pty LtdCastle Hill480402
Tikellis, StefanosCastle Hill453997
Tomorrow Financials Pty. Ltd.Castle Hill492388
Torfar, GhazalCastle Hill515337
Torkfar, GhazalCastle Hill516228
Trinco Pty LtdCastle Hill448362
Valletta, Kelly KathleenCastle Hill492800
Vassallo, Steven AnthonyCastle Hill365476
Wong, Davy DatCastle Hill450862
Wong, TimothyCastle Hill438471
Yang, ChenCastle Hill461828
Yu, ChienCastle Hill463824
Zivkovich, LouisCastle Hill400042