Credit Representatives

Credit representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Representative Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Nov. 15, 2019

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Alpha One Advisory Pty LtdCaringbah508418
Ambition Financial Group Pty LimitedCaringbah511869
Asset Finance & Management Pty LtdCaringbah407334
Bartlett, JeffCaringbah369993
Boylan, SimonCaringbah368396
Caine Holdings Pty LtdCaringbah435407
Catalyst Wealth Group Pty LtdCaringbah517933
Connect Financial Management Pty LtdCaringbah512138
Cronulla & Port Hacking Mortgage Services Pty LtdCaringbah388334
Cronulla Sutherland Mortgage Options Pty LimitedCaringbah397059
Deushian, Eugenie JennyCaringbah483738
Financial Ascension Pty LtdCaringbah477379
Francis, Todd AnthonyCaringbah394530
Grdic, IvanCaringbah487583
Hyland, John MichaelCaringbah503424
Ifinance Australia Pty. Ltd.Caringbah423198
Kiss, PeterCaringbah372940
Koutsouklakis, DimitriosCaringbah508521
Longin, NatashaCaringbah422536
Martin, David JohnCaringbah514670
Mcginn Trading Company Pty LimitedCaringbah424882
Mcginn, JackCaringbah443088
Mcginn, JohnCaringbah374644
Oak Park Financial Pty LtdCaringbah503423
Panagaris, PeterCaringbah391641
Peloquin, Michael JamesCaringbah409864
Poole, Stephen CliftonCaringbah481888
Porter, Ryan GarryCaringbah500960
Riekie, Darren GraemeCaringbah401577
Sales, ChristopherCaringbah436426
Stokes, BrettCaringbah375106
Taylor, Graham AnthonyCaringbah488491
The Finance Warehouse Pty LtdCaringbah435681
Thomas, SeanCaringbah428118
Zenith Financial Planning Pty LtdCaringbah370068