Credit Representatives

Credit representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Representative Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Nov. 15, 2019

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Allen, Simon CraigCanterbury481007
Asm Financial Services Pty LtdCanterbury366966
Canterbury Surrey Hills Community Finance LimitedCanterbury374701
Carr Financial Services Pty. LimitedCanterbury396863
Carr, BruceCanterbury398776
Chen, HaoCanterbury504602
Coker, NicholasCanterbury459325
D & J Simms Pty LtdCanterbury461147
Damino, RosaCanterbury415947
Do, Thi DenCanterbury368923
Grierson, PeterCanterbury375469
Hms Group Services Pty LtdCanterbury473796
Hoang, Van HACanterbury473848
Kerwin, Kelly ElizabethCanterbury486908
La, JulieCanterbury398148
Le, Trung ThanhCanterbury464941
Liddy, Graham IanCanterbury370931
Lim, Corey TeckCanterbury425855
Mandrake Finance Pty LtdCanterbury481479
Mgmk Holdings Pty LtdCanterbury466189
Mlc Advice ( Mackay) Pty LtdCanterbury462123
Morey, Alan StuartCanterbury370221 Pty. Ltd.Canterbury457099
Neill, MatthewCanterbury462124
Pizzey, CarolCanterbury376909
Pyers, Geoff AndrewCanterbury478367
Pyers, Kelly JaneCanterbury487434
Shome, ShurojitCanterbury420245
Simms, Daniel RoderickCanterbury455587
Stamoulis, MagdaleneCanterbury459322
The Mandate Finance Group Pty LtdCanterbury378313
The Trustee For The Rosh Partners TrustCanterbury472290
Van Zyl, RuhanCanterbury368673
Vu, Vinh ThanhCanterbury496793
Whitby, MarciaCanterbury375822
Williams, RohanCanterbury399817
Wren, Michael ThomasCanterbury464944
Zhang, ZhihanCanterbury513476