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Credit representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Representative Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Nov. 15, 2019

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3E Mortgage Solutions Pty LtdBurwood502556
Accelerated Financial Services Pty LtdBurwood387304
Acl Holdings & CO Pty LimitedBurwood492879
Advance Home Loan Pty LtdBurwood494654
Afs Mortgages Pty LtdBurwood397708
Alphaloan Mortgage Group Pty. Ltd.Burwood393786
An, AndrewBurwood399148
Antonios, TonyBurwood423742
Aquino, LindelBurwood497128
Aus Link Finance Service Pty LtdBurwood489287
Basavaraju, RakeshBurwood487844
Blueprint Advisors Pty LtdBurwood476148
Blueprint Lending Pty LtdBurwood467652
Boutros, CharbelBurwood370263
Burgess, Ben BedeBurwood407765
Caifu Global Pty LtdBurwood456022
Chami, NinaBurwood471780
Chan, MichaelBurwood511395
Chandran, ParasuramanBurwood512649
Chang, PO ShanBurwood501173
Chase, ElaineBurwood437646
Chen, ShuangBurwood480143
Cheng, HO HungBurwood511202
Cheng, YI ANBurwood450626
Choi, JasonBurwood370110
Cnr Mortgage Solutions Pty. Ltd.Burwood456699
Coxon, GarryBurwood399366
Dong, ShenBurwood502838
Elite Financial Pty LtdBurwood500219
Fong, SelinaBurwood406613
Gilbert, Jason StephenBurwood490113
Gold Coin Home Loan Services Proprietary LimitedBurwood481379
Gupta, HimaBurwood502691
Gupta, ShaliniBurwood489800
Hossen, MarkBurwood493802
Huang, JingboBurwood388055
Hubfi Pty LtdBurwood487718
J & C Finance Pty LtdBurwood502318
Jin, RungaoBurwood511158
KL Partner Pty LtdBurwood499689
Kang, HongmeiBurwood384338
Kassir, RenaeBurwood385611
Kumaar, Bhavya ArunBurwood507623
Lajoie, Norbert JacquesBurwood367962
Leong, KevinBurwood516010
Li, JingmanBurwood481618
Li, LinxuBurwood500621
Lin, QiujiBurwood367379
Lin, YanBurwood512163
Liu, JuanBurwood436072
Lo, EddieBurwood367814
Lsa Finance Pty LtdBurwood503390
Lu, Ming DIBurwood500649
Lyan Pty LimitedBurwood397411
Mansour, RhandaBurwood396014
Meng, DianruBurwood510253
Moore Stephens (nsw) Mortgage Services Pty LtdBurwood466148
Mortgage Practice Australia Pty LtdBurwood396000
Mzwealth Pty LtdBurwood413287
Ng, Quinee ChungBurwood499879
Ng, Ricky SingBurwood402061
O'brien, MaryBurwood399565
OC Finance & Insurance Pty LtdBurwood459168
Oriental Sky Investment Pty LtdBurwood515999
Outreach Finance Pty LtdBurwood509417
Oxford Mortgage Pty LtdBurwood519203
Pai, NeethaBurwood399931
Pang, BoshengBurwood485656
Parasuraman, YvonneBurwood481059
Peng, YanBurwood501185
Porfida, MatthewBurwood497108
Professional Mortgage Investment Pty LimitedBurwood481567
Saliba, EphraimBurwood412899
Shi, BaoliangBurwood485657
Smarloan Burwood Pty LtdBurwood481676
Southern Cross Professional Investments Pty LtdBurwood397505
Sun, HanboBurwood497937
Sydney Capital Investment Pty LtdBurwood517437
Tan, JasonBurwood499679
Tang, YuxiangBurwood435775
Tejada, NoeliaBurwood511781
Thang, KevinBurwood367813
Thurston, LeanneBurwood497050
Vault Lending Solutions Pty LtdBurwood497065
Wan, SiyiBurwood501183
Wang, QinminBurwood367359
Wang, XunBurwood511159
Wang, YABurwood501184
Way2wealth Advisers Pty LtdBurwood487787
Weng, JunchaoBurwood450480
Wolfson Oakwood Mortgage Solutions Pty LtdBurwood485655
Wong, Chun FawnBurwood456021
Wu, ChongwenBurwood510854
Xu, Dennis QianxiangBurwood491475
Yan, ShaliBurwood509040
Yan, Shu XiangBurwood388054
Yang, KaifanBurwood508031
Ye, YangBurwood511157
Yip, PhillipBurwood495635
Young, YunBurwood393623
Yu, JiayingBurwood481760
Zhang, JieBurwood502319
Zhang, MingBurwood406819
Zhang, YitingBurwood480200
Zhao, LIBurwood399924
Zhao, YapingBurwood389427