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Credit representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Representative Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Nov. 15, 2019

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3W Wealth Pty LtdBox Hill476992
AR Multi Finance Pty LtdBox Hill518163
Aaa Accountants Pty LtdBox Hill458075
Aleeco International Trade Pty. Ltd.Box Hill512771
Apex Macro Mortgage Solutions Pty. Ltd.Box Hill475519
Aurora Lending Solutions Pty. Ltd.Box Hill509445
Aussie Financial Services (victoria) Pty LtdBox Hill463568
Australia Mortgage Group Pty LtdBox Hill493333
Bfu Pty LtdBox Hill458486
Bianlan Finance Pty LimitedBox Hill483812
Blue Agora Financial Solutions Pty LtdBox Hill519188
Cha, HO WonBox Hill482218
Chan, EmilyBox Hill398974
Chang, Han-wenBox Hill484296
Chang, ShiweiBox Hill446271
Chen, HaiqiBox Hill456215
Chen, LiangBox Hill492613
Cheng, XianheBox Hill491026
Cheong, ChristineBox Hill431582
Chua, Kim IngBox Hill493781
Dai, ShanfengBox Hill516554
Du, YongningBox Hill503716
EC Finance Pty LtdBox Hill397083
Excellent Finance Pty LtdBox Hill518861
F1 Mortgage Brokers Pty. Ltd.Box Hill415523
Fang, ZhiyuBox Hill484317
Fang, ZhiyuanBox Hill518214
Grita Finance Pty. Ltd.Box Hill410447
H.l.g.m. Finance Pty. Ltd.Box Hill366008
H.l.g.m. Mortgage Pty. Ltd.Box Hill366009
Han, BingBox Hill456303
Hardiman, Yvonne MareeBox Hill441291
He, Eric ZhihaiBox Hill470623
He, Ming XiaBox Hill495894
IG Finance Pty LtdBox Hill517913
Ifah, Tasmin MustopoBox Hill482376
Iselect Finance Pty LtdBox Hill506878
Jia Tong Pty. Ltd.Box Hill480038
Jin, YuanBox Hill376649
Jkk Solutions Pty LtdBox Hill496273
Kiy Pty LtdBox Hill476358
Kong, Kei FunBox Hill476505
Konstantopoulos, PeterBox Hill442923
Lan, ChenpengBox Hill492383
Lee, Jun KyeBox Hill452947
Leslie, Wayne DavidBox Hill441292
Li, JenniferBox Hill392897
Li, LingBox Hill494441
Li, RongBox Hill498031
Li, TanBox Hill517844
Liang, ChiguangBox Hill510021
Liang, DongBox Hill478915
Liang, Zhi WeiBox Hill412228
Lim, DennisBox Hill420044
Lin, LI LanBox Hill506877
Liu, RuofuBox Hill481843
Liu, ShunkaiBox Hill493053
Liu, Song YuanBox Hill460148
Loanbox Pty LtdBox Hill514407
Long, RebeccaBox Hill441288
Lu, GuanxiongBox Hill517104
Luo, DIBox Hill507502
Luo, Lan XiangBox Hill389532
Ma, LIBox Hill494414
Mai, BillBox Hill458320
Mega Living Pty LtdBox Hill512519
Mo, Baoyi BettyBox Hill509006
Mondon, John EtienneBox Hill441293
Morier, Cavin PaulBox Hill519252
Ng, Fion SingBox Hill376374
OK Mortgage Pty LtdBox Hill516515
Park, Hyun-aBox Hill452660
Peng, ShijingBox Hill517837
Picone, JulieBox Hill441290
Pmw Solutions Pty LtdBox Hill496496
Poh, RoselyneBox Hill493426
Polichronopoulos, NicholasBox Hill441478
Polichronopoulos, ShanaBox Hill509816
Pun, YongBox Hill512383
Rbm Mortgage Management Pty. Ltd.Box Hill366007
Rui, HaiyanBox Hill413565
Skysea Pty LtdBox Hill369313
Song, XinBox Hill481845
Stars Mortgage Solutions Pty. Ltd.Box Hill491580
Su, YaoBox Hill496720
TT Finance Consultants Pty LtdBox Hill438198
The Choice Finance Hub Pty LtdBox Hill470622
Tjandra Wisata, IrwanputraBox Hill510662
Tst Finance Pty LtdBox Hill492341
Vanchard Group Pty LtdBox Hill509981
Verma, GirishBox Hill376399
Vip Finance Australia Pty LtdBox Hill517101
WL & BW Pty LtdBox Hill412222
Wang, PUBox Hill440762
Wang, Qinfen JuliaBox Hill369312
Wang, RuiBox Hill399627
Wang, ShihaoBox Hill519327
Wang, XiaodongBox Hill517946
Wisata, Andyputra TjandraBox Hill408938
Wu, JuanBox Hill483814
Wu, YIBox Hill465246
Xing, JiannanBox Hill500613
Xlfinancing Pty LtdBox Hill456331
Xu, LiangBox Hill456384
Xu, ShikuiBox Hill496724
Xue, ZhaopengBox Hill460469
Yang, MinghuiBox Hill512887
Yip, Wai BunBox Hill502331
Youly Finance Pty LtdBox Hill490880
Yuan, MinyuBox Hill492979
Zhang, HaoBox Hill480409
Zhang, JingjingBox Hill463803
Zheng, MuzhiBox Hill517094
Zhou, ChengyuanBox Hill475353
Zhou, MenghanBox Hill497066
Zhou, SuqingBox Hill480039
Zhou, ZhimingBox Hill508074
Zhu, BeibeiBox Hill512355
Zhu, Pei-junBox Hill371015