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Credit representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Representative Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Nov. 15, 2019

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Annison, MicheleBowen Hills365427
Aryal, AmitBowen Hills429548
Azzopardi, Julia LeeBowen Hills479730
BM Prestige Automotive Pty LtdBowen Hills516458
Basalik Pty. Ltd.Bowen Hills364960
Beasant, JessiBowen Hills493929
Bedi, ManishBowen Hills509901
Brown, Christopher AnthonyBowen Hills410105
Browne, Christopher JamesBowen Hills513829
Bush, Jason RobertBowen Hills492524
C J Browne Finance Pty LtdBowen Hills513803
Cbmg North Pty LtdBowen Hills518512
Chambysa Pty LtdBowen Hills502506
Clifford, JillianBowen Hills402715
Coulam Investments Pty LtdBowen Hills425972
Craftgold Pty LtdBowen Hills364930
Demon (australia) Pty LtdBowen Hills482964
Dirigo Group Pty LtdBowen Hills450219
Divicon Pty LtdBowen Hills479200
Dollar Finance Pty LtdBowen Hills383788
Dsst Pty LtdBowen Hills421718
Dudink Pty LtdBowen Hills401679
Egan, GrantBowen Hills455059
Ehlers Enterprises Pty LtdBowen Hills364934
Fahey, Karli MarieBowen Hills492928
Familix Pty LtdBowen Hills469640
Finance & Investment Lending Pty LtdBowen Hills509637
Floyd, ChristopherBowen Hills502522
Flymit Pty LtdBowen Hills481523
Fuller Properties Pty LtdBowen Hills461187
Fuller, KerriBowen Hills461306
G & J Tandon Pty LtdBowen Hills454086
Garcia, PatriciaBowen Hills423074
Gledhill, DarrynBowen Hills398704
Gold Coast Mortgages Pty LtdBowen Hills440782
Golden Smartline Pty LtdBowen Hills454755
Golden Stand Pty LtdBowen Hills421720
Golden, ChristopherBowen Hills454818
Harrison & Harrison (qld) Pty LtdBowen Hills410258
Harrison, KathrynBowen Hills437749
Harrison, Terrence FrancisBowen Hills410259
Jack Russell Home Loans Pty. Ltd.Bowen Hills364953
Jasmine Jay Pty LtdBowen Hills510448
Keefe, Stephen PhilipBowen Hills387279
LE Comte, Erin ReneeBowen Hills513797
Latran Pty LtdBowen Hills488374
Latter, Aaron ChristianBowen Hills488435
Le, Khanh TuanBowen Hills469798
Lecomte, KarenBowen Hills378724
Lee Corporation Holdings Pty LimitedBowen Hills515128
Lee, AlvinBowen Hills515247
Lowe, Steven JohnBowen Hills511104
M & J Ellard Pty LtdBowen Hills381914
Markili, Nifty FeliciaBowen Hills496982
Mau Group Pty LtdBowen Hills421722
Meincke, Allan AtholBowen Hills415392
Mole, Brendan ScottBowen Hills495170
Mole, Craig AndrewBowen Hills495131
Mortgage Matters (qld) Pty LtdBowen Hills466177
Moss, Debra AnneBowen Hills508774
N K B Financial Solutions Pty LtdBowen Hills364922
NM Consulting Group Pty LtdBowen Hills468150
Notation Holdings Pty LtdBowen Hills367219
Parra Pineda, Johan SebastianBowen Hills516889
Passey Pty. Ltd.Bowen Hills496262
Passey, Paul LeslieBowen Hills496360
Rbs Corporation Pty LtdBowen Hills364951
Red Finance (qld) Pty LtdBowen Hills446039
Redmann, Angela MareeBowen Hills510607
Scherlies, Rachael LouiseBowen Hills509722
Schiavo, MonicaBowen Hills417282
Shamrock Finance (qld) Pty LtdBowen Hills470104
Stevenson Financial Services Pty LtdBowen Hills364949
Streetsmart Strategic Solutions Pty LtdBowen Hills495016
Strong, Adele JoyBowen Hills490578
Strong, RaymondBowen Hills376819
Supreme Consulting Pty LtdBowen Hills509865
Tandon, GagandeepBowen Hills425098
Telford, David JohnBowen Hills506460
The Trustee For Micalizzi Wealth Trust & The Trustee For Ward Wealth TrustBowen Hills507671
Thomson Financial Services Pty LtdBowen Hills401680
Utz, DarrenBowen Hills383927
Vandyke, AngelineBowen Hills440920
Williams, Pedro LuizBowen Hills516888
Your Vision Financial Solutions Pty LtdBowen Hills403043