Credit Representatives

Credit representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Representative Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Nov. 15, 2019

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Aljani Pty LtdBelmont477141
Belmont Operations Pty LtdBelmont373796
Blyton, MichaelBelmont484214
Briggs, Jason DarrylBelmont433901
Burkett-barratt, Melissa JayneBelmont497705
Byfields Mortgage Solutions Pty LtdBelmont472682
Cliveden Finance Group Pty LimitedBelmont482299
Coles, David CharlesBelmont513277
Connors, Kevin GeoffreyBelmont477137
Delamere, MarkBelmont373963
Djlj Group Pty LtdBelmont437253
Everett Family CO Pty LimitedBelmont519305
Everett, Clay WilliamBelmont519306
Forster (australia) Pty LtdBelmont513040
Galjon Group Pty LtdBelmont506955
Gallagher, Philip GerardBelmont370574
Grovetech Pty LtdBelmont487152
Hopkins, MarieBelmont376523
Hyde, MurrayBelmont451304
Jones, NicholasBelmont479294
Kallmeyer, SusanBelmont518191
Kennebury, JohnBelmont373959
Klemke, Patrick JamesBelmont411326
Magna Vitae Pty LtdBelmont451386
Mccaughey, StevenBelmont472683
Miata Investment Pty LtdBelmont504006
Oneloans Pty LtdBelmont499669
Peters, Tracey AnneBelmont490528
Pignolet, Roger DeanBelmont509195
Sims, David JohnBelmont436352
Spinell Loan Company Pty LtdBelmont403007
Stewart, JoshuaBelmont501927
Straughan, PeterBelmont504049
Taylor Madde Pty LimitedBelmont491135
The Trustee For Hunter Financial Planning Unit TrustBelmont483964
Value Lending Pty LtdBelmont515167
Wilson, BeverleyBelmont518192
Yole, Brian ThomasBelmont370997