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Credit Representatives

Credit representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Representative Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: May 6, 2020

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Acos Group Pty LtdBella Vista481546
Activate Financial Services Pty LimitedBella Vista369998
Advantage Mortgage House Pty LtdBella Vista480260
Aggarwal, RohitBella Vista482712
Alcantara, LucasBella Vista422182
Amj Financial Pty LtdBella Vista500773
Anand, SaurabhBella Vista421987
Aquino, LarryBella Vista463411
Arora, Mahesh KumarBella Vista399329
Asher, KhyatiBella Vista403257
Atelier Wealth Pty LtdBella Vista460628
Austin Brothers Money Savers Pty LtdBella Vista397693
Australian Capital Lending Pty LtdBella Vista492533
Barillaro, JessicaBella Vista514432
Bartolo, John VenedickBella Vista506634
Bax, MichaelBella Vista369997
Best, Peter RobertBella Vista467327
Better Finance Solutions Pty LtdBella Vista508845
Bhargava, ManishBella Vista480407
Bhargava, SanjayBella Vista400471
Bloom International Pty LimitedBella Vista486567
Blue Diamond Financial Pty LtdBella Vista494723
Buksh, AyshaBella Vista485005
Byrne, MeganBella Vista503337
Chahal, FatehBella Vista522713
Chapman, Daniel ByronBella Vista485469
Chapman, Kristy RebeccaBella Vista513553
Chiem, Ngoc TuyetBella Vista507793
Chon, Srey PovBella Vista505598
Concise Finance Pty LtdBella Vista386840
Cossettini, MartinBella Vista494718
Cpr Australia Wealth Advisers Pty LtdBella Vista439360
DE Ruiter, James ReginaldBella Vista440889
Dickson, DeidreBella Vista487542
Epic Mortgages Pty LtdBella Vista494033
Evergreen Wealth Management Pty LtdBella Vista498681
Evolution Property & Financial Services Pty LtdBella Vista517308
Ezybizbuy Pty. Ltd.Bella Vista498005
Fellowes, DarrynBella Vista372182
Finsure Norwest Pty LtdBella Vista511907
Fisk, Gregory JamesBella Vista501133
Francis Rose Financial Pty LtdBella Vista517403
Gair, RyanBella Vista418054
Gandhi, Utkarsh PankajkumarBella Vista518009
Giammona, Mary FrancisBella Vista393420
Goldstien, AdamBella Vista372183
Gomes Casanova, FernandoBella Vista371181
Gopaul, Marie SletvanaBella Vista508863
Greenaway, Mark AndrewBella Vista509682
Gupta, TinaBella Vista484268
Higham, LisaBella Vista457808
Holm, GraemeBella Vista486525
Investwisely Pty LtdBella Vista517226
Isaac, ShereenBella Vista369966
JP Financial Advisory Services Pty LtdBella Vista505102
Jethi, RahulBella Vista381890
Johnstone, LeanneBella Vista376895
Kahmandi, AhmadBella Vista487578
Kang, Wan SoonBella Vista388480
Khan, ShabinaBella Vista481133
Khatri, RajeshBella Vista421002
Khosravi Ahmadabadi, MaryamBella Vista506763
Kroeger, Kevin JohnBella Vista499556
Kumar, JaynendraBella Vista497731
Le, DavidBella Vista478672
Leedham, Carole AnneBella Vista466211
Levene, MichaelBella Vista450437
Levinge, Tiahn RoseBella Vista478035
Lime Street Wealth Finance Pty LtdBella Vista484699
Linco, Joseph DanielBella Vista388414
Macgroucutt, AaronBella Vista495279
Maheshwari, RajnishBella Vista490243
Malik, RajeshBella Vista439361
Malik, ShiviBella Vista404400
Mann, ShitijBella Vista373391
Marzinger, ReneBella Vista483441
Mckean, KindaBella Vista493169
Mgb Financial Services Pty LtdBella Vista504538
Middlebrook, Stephanie ThereseBella Vista502545
Midelca Holdings Pty LtdBella Vista371180
Mirren Finance Strategies (nsw) Pty LtdBella Vista483337
Monaghan, Karen MarieBella Vista515816
Mortgage Doctors Pty LtdBella Vista492444
Mts Consulting Group Pty. Ltd.Bella Vista490136
Narayan, SanjeshBella Vista517307
Natlea Pty LimitedBella Vista368515
New Lend Pty LimitedBella Vista393423
Nexus Financial Planning Pty LtdBella Vista378316
Nice, AndrewBella Vista495280
Nra Capital One Pty LtdBella Vista511420
O'leary, Emma ClairBella Vista517402
Oldham, GlendaBella Vista502600
Paramount Leasing Pty LtdBella Vista393422
Pawar, Balvir SinghBella Vista494271
Prasad, KrishneelBella Vista479502
Prasai, JyotiBella Vista522087
Prestige Mortgage Solutions Pty LtdBella Vista504924
Ramamurthy & CO Pty LtdBella Vista364703
Ramamurthy, Krishnapuram SubrahmanyanBella Vista376211
Ransom, JoshuaBella Vista503336
Reena Financial Holdings Pty LtdBella Vista364957
Reynolds, JonathanBella Vista372331
Ryan Home Loans Pty LtdBella Vista396744
Ryan, BillBella Vista398757
Rydan Norwest Pty LtdBella Vista494366
Salim & Shehnaz Lalani Pty LtdBella Vista415441
Samreen, Sayyada TahminaBella Vista431701
Seale, Matthew AdamBella Vista435537
Sequeira, NigelBella Vista511419
Shah, JigarkumarBella Vista372012
Sharma, Meeta AnilBella Vista408197
Sharma, Sharad NarendraBella Vista479977
Singh, GurdevBella Vista473855
Singh, JagdeepBella Vista522694
Skeggs Goldstien Associates Pty LimitedBella Vista372184
Sophos Financial Pty. Ltd.Bella Vista493820
Sunmola, Abimbola KamoruBella Vista481545
Sydney West Financial Services Pty. Ltd.Bella Vista373392
Synergy Financial Group Pty LtdBella Vista518485
Tame, Matthew DavidBella Vista498920
Tang, KhoungBella Vista372186
Tarantolo, GiuseppeBella Vista449838
The Trustee For Auswide Unit TrustBella Vista435536
The Trustee For City Mutual GroupBella Vista495815
Thong, Chan KowBella Vista510192
Toon, CourtneyBella Vista514311
Van Eyk, Martin AnthonyBella Vista370076
Van, DannyBella Vista518486
Veniegas, GeraldineBella Vista425626
Vista Partners Finance Pty LtdBella Vista441730
Walker, RebeccaBella Vista506780
Walley, Geoffrey ThomasBella Vista379095
Yew, Craig AnthonyBella Vista387710
Yunaay Pty LtdBella Vista495341