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Credit representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Representative Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Nov. 15, 2019

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A.c.n. 159 093 900 Pty LtdAdelaide436971
AC D'aloia Investments Pty LtdAdelaide502018
Aar Gee Investment Pty LtdAdelaide512323
Abeytunga, LokugamageAdelaide514712
Acrat Business Solutions Pty LtdAdelaide453161
Adelaide Commercial Finance Pty LtdAdelaide482689
Adelaide Finance & Equipment Rental Pty LtdAdelaide506479
Adelaide Finance Specialists Pty LtdAdelaide517166
Adelaide Home Loans 22 Pty LtdAdelaide500874
Advice Co. Pty LtdAdelaide517766
Aeri, KamalAdelaide490709
Affinity Lending Pty LtdAdelaide491102
Air, Christopher JackAdelaide415238
Ajen Holdings Pty LtdAdelaide513522
Ajs Swinton Pty LtdAdelaide364915
Ajton Pty LtdAdelaide421716
Alexander Sutton Pty LtdAdelaide498305
All-deal Finance Services Pty LtdAdelaide489483
Alounic Pty LtdAdelaide421715
Anderson, CatherineAdelaide378712
Anderson, Malcolm RussellAdelaide490729
Anderson, ReeceAdelaide419722
Andrews, DwightAdelaide364832
Armenio, DinoAdelaide511736
Assetz Finance And Loans Pty LtdAdelaide443188
Aussie Resources Pty LtdAdelaide485622
Austech Computing Pty LtdAdelaide508201
Australian Investment And Insurance Group Pty LtdAdelaide505140
Avalos, Luis UrielAdelaide489408
Awe Finance Solutions Pty LtdAdelaide482670
B & K Nicholas Nominees Pty LtdAdelaide492293
Bachmayer, John WalterAdelaide369087
Bai, HuaAdelaide514040
Baker, DavidAdelaide364831
Banh, Lee DucAdelaide446865
Barendregt, PeterAdelaide370032
Barendregt, TracyAdelaide370033
Barlow, Andrew ThomasAdelaide458076
Barnes, MatthewAdelaide415696
Bdo Finance Solutions (sa) Pty LtdAdelaide478582
Bdo Private Wealth Advisers (sa) Pty LtdAdelaide443928
Beedeem Pty LtdAdelaide397053
Bell, Amanda JaneAdelaide512275
Ben Newbold & Associates Pty LtdAdelaide492750
Bishop, GayeAdelaide373791
Bizloans Pty LtdAdelaide408105
Blight, AmandaAdelaide497083
Boccaccio, JasonAdelaide482699
Bolton, Kevin EdmundAdelaide501394
Bowker, VeraAdelaide478823
Bowler, SimonAdelaide443236
Brancato, PeterAdelaide513620
Brand, NathanAdelaide471550
Bratton, Max AshurstAdelaide507895
Brett, David JamesAdelaide508219
Bridgman, DavidAdelaide513818
Brincat, Doreen MarieAdelaide413083
Brincat, Mathew RobertAdelaide513089
Brosnan, Anthony JosephAdelaide370158
Brown, GaryAdelaide407522
Bulbamoo Pty LtdAdelaide436900
Burlow, Michael AnthonyAdelaide443581
Burnett, Benjamin MarkAdelaide411042
Burrows, AshaAdelaide366034
C Pitman Pty LtdAdelaide519383
CJ Parry Corp Pty LtdAdelaide504010
Cabkal Pty. Ltd.Adelaide364913
Cameron, BenjaminAdelaide370614
Cathy Anderson Finance Pty LtdAdelaide421714
Centra Money Pty LtdAdelaide452523
Central Finance NT Pty LtdAdelaide426343
Ceravolo, MargaretAdelaide414764
Champion, DemetriosAdelaide481392
Charter Capital Finance Pty LtdAdelaide436785
Cheng, KarenAdelaide507653
Chester, Cory DeanAdelaide448088
Cheung, Ching YeeAdelaide465656
Chiuchiolo, ElverioAdelaide374147
Chong, Samuel JiannAdelaide486885
Chudleigh, Andrew JamesAdelaide472360
Clarke, Jeffrey BruceAdelaide385946
Cocks, CherylAdelaide428513
Commercial Finance Australia (sa) Pty LtdAdelaide449496
Connelly, PaulAdelaide371657
Cook, Marc TravisAdelaide477820
Corcoran, BrianAdelaide391906
Cornier & CO Pty LtdAdelaide474160
Cumming, Jessica LeeAdelaide516047
D'aloia Enterprises Pty LtdAdelaide427183
D'aloia, Adam AnthonyAdelaide502185
D'aloia, Leonard JohnAdelaide427175
D'ambrosio, MarlonAdelaide477307
DI Iulio, Jason LeeAdelaide374145
Davis, Geoffrey MaxwellAdelaide369475
Dbd Finance Pty LtdAdelaide399019
Delis Corp Pty LtdAdelaide516890
Delis, JoeAdelaide494629
Dempster, BradleyAdelaide366148
Devenport, JennaAdelaide479655
Diakomichalis, MichaelAdelaide399008
Dillon, JoanneAdelaide437234
Dimas, DimitriosAdelaide373785
Djf Investment Holdings Pty LtdAdelaide507980
Dnz Finance Pty LtdAdelaide516880
Doley, MarkAdelaide484094
Dollar, WayneAdelaide370765
Dollman, Paul ColinAdelaide394737
Domain Finance Solutions Pty LtdAdelaide517801
Downie, TimothyAdelaide514550
Dreyer, JonathonAdelaide399196
Drivecorp Pty. Ltd.Adelaide491813
Du, ShaokangAdelaide499471
Duggan, ShaneAdelaide366174
EZ Credit Solution Pty LtdAdelaide499432
Edwards, JustinAdelaide370707
Efc Financial Services Pty LtdAdelaide421255
Emmerson, DarylAdelaide373633
Emmerson, Porscha LouiseAdelaide501124
Erb Investments Pty LtdAdelaide443187
Evans, Conrad PhilipAdelaide493443
Fakaris Nominees Pty LtdAdelaide488870
Fakaris, HarilaosAdelaide488909
Faulkner, Coby RyanAdelaide424089
Finance Brokers Pty. Ltd.Adelaide397519
Financial Ventures Pty LtdAdelaide418000
Finlease (sa) Pty. LimitedAdelaide399723
Flash Finance Group Pty LtdAdelaide473882
Flinders Lending Pty LtdAdelaide426622
Flower, Travis ShaneAdelaide390808
Focus Finance Pty LtdAdelaide518401
Forgacs, PalAdelaide513838
Forrester, Patrick MichaelAdelaide395305
Fotia, Gregory AnthonyAdelaide500730
Fraser, EvelyneAdelaide373593
French, Christopher GeoffreyAdelaide518317
Fresh Home Loans Pty LtdAdelaide491356
Frinsdorf, Adrian ScottAdelaide468448
Fry, Daniel JohnAdelaide508506
Fusco, BenjaminAdelaide366080
GB & KD Rosie Pty LtdAdelaide378525
Gandhi, KetanAdelaide491142
Gehlert, PeterAdelaide486715
Girohtra, ManavAdelaide512387
Gommers, SharynAdelaide511514
Gorey, JayeshAdelaide404961
Green, MatthewAdelaide495229
Gregory, Benjamin KarlAdelaide421799
Gurcharan Singh, Harveen KaurAdelaide516222
Gurung, DavidAdelaide512345
Guthrie, Sheena MckechnieAdelaide518277
Hage, BenjaminAdelaide371908
Hamish Zerbe & Associates Pty LtdAdelaide492781
Hamptons Advisory Pty LtdAdelaide511466
Han, Andrew ChanglongAdelaide516735
Hann, Debra LouiseAdelaide407044
Hanna, Sarah JaneAdelaide492484
Hanna, VickiAdelaide370927
Hannaford, MichaelAdelaide378938
Hart Wealth Management Pty LtdAdelaide486714
Hart, MichaelAdelaide398900
Hartas, David AnthonyAdelaide459084
Hastings, Walter ScottAdelaide410317
Hayes, StephenAdelaide481244
Haynes, MarkAdelaide371949
Haysman Financial Services Pty LtdAdelaide371952
Haysman, TimothyAdelaide371953
He, LeiAdelaide513015
Hillier, CraigAdelaide371605
Hodge, DavidAdelaide365098
Hopscotch Wealth Pty LtdAdelaide503179
Hoskins, Justin WadeAdelaide504702
Hou, ConnieAdelaide448192
Hughes, AnthonyAdelaide471786
Humphris, Mark AndrewAdelaide395454
Ijp Finance Pty LtdAdelaide509683
Inspired Finance Solutions Pty LtdAdelaide425938
Integral Financial Solutions Pty LtdAdelaide461258
Intrinsic Wealth Management Pty LtdAdelaide477819
J Speirs Nominees Pty LtdAdelaide450406
JM Wealth Group Pty LtdAdelaide378072
Jennison, Timothy CharlesAdelaide419028
Jeon, JaebumAdelaide518284
Jin Financial Services Pty LtdAdelaide475222
Jin, ChunlanAdelaide475862
Johns, Sally AnneAdelaide515271
Johnston Withers & Assoc. Pty. Ltd.Adelaide514352
Joshi, BipinAdelaide480173
Jouannet, FionaAdelaide494241
Judith Baynes Finance Pty LtdAdelaide483403
Jwpl Holdings Pty LtdAdelaide515831
K.o. Finance Pty LtdAdelaide466815
Karatasakis, AntoniosAdelaide374919
Karp, MichaelAdelaide364838
Katzenberg, Barry RoyAdelaide370328
Kells, Mikayla LaurenAdelaide509393
Kent, LaunceAdelaide472434
Kent, RobertAdelaide365168
Kfs Wealth Advisors Pty LtdAdelaide369094
Knott, Tamara LouiseAdelaide499513
Knowles, LucyAdelaide510546
Knowling, PeterAdelaide406878
Kohli, NikhilAdelaide514827
Koral, RichardAdelaide407635
Kothare, Leena HemantAdelaide504020
Kramarczuk, WitoldAdelaide370854
Krr Finance Pty LtdAdelaide484771
LA Starza Advisory Pty LtdAdelaide517421
LA Starza, Carmela LuisaAdelaide465567
Lamb, MelindaAdelaide365106
Laming, Matthew PaulAdelaide478711
Lammers, Corey GlenAdelaide407344
Latitude Private Wealth Pty LtdAdelaide516128
Leading Lending Pty LtdAdelaide514924
Lee, Derek KinAdelaide427455
Leena Kothare Pty LtdAdelaide504019
Lei, ZhenhuaAdelaide513223
Liddy, Mikael EmmetAdelaide491357
Liew, Hue TranAdelaide497966
Liew, Sun PingAdelaide482700
Light Financial Services Pty LtdAdelaide367746
Likos, LenaAdelaide468843
Lil Financial Pty LtdAdelaide493737
Lin, ZhiyiAdelaide503291
Link Finance Pty LtdAdelaide489648
Ljdd Pty LtdAdelaide425940
Loader, Adrian KeithAdelaide406339
Loans Combined Pty LtdAdelaide518213
Lucas, Tracy JaneAdelaide504708
Lukasz, Catherine ElizabethAdelaide369614
Lumsden, Paul AndrewAdelaide448268
M Karp Nominees Pty LtdAdelaide384590
Mackie, David MalcolmAdelaide483413
Macnab Finance Pty LtdAdelaide477637
Macnab, Mark IanAdelaide478278
Magill, BrianAdelaide390738
Magreen Finance Solutions Pty LtdAdelaide495022
Manos, ConAdelaide481563
Maraki Mou Pty LtdAdelaide484507
Marangone, AlexAdelaide456958
Marsland, DavidAdelaide366154
Marsland, GarryAdelaide418589
Masters, WayneAdelaide474161
Materne, James DarrenAdelaide492200
Matthew Skrokov Finance Pty LtdAdelaide458800
Maw Financial Pty. Ltd.Adelaide490321
Maxma Pty LtdAdelaide366715
Mayfair Finance Australia Pty LtdAdelaide435527
Mcbride, MatthewAdelaide514796
Mccormack, DarrenAdelaide435607
Mcgargill, SeanAdelaide499705
Mclachlan And CO Pty LtdAdelaide493280
Mclachlan, JonathonAdelaide493328
Mclean, Simon WilliamAdelaide429965
Mid North Finance Solutions Pty LtdAdelaide497023
Mitchell, Katherine EliseAdelaide508720
Mohebzada, HayatAdelaide373788
Monteiro, AnitaAdelaide506950
Mudge, Jason WilliamAdelaide370708
Mummery, MichelleAdelaide497024
Murphy Financial Advice Pty LtdAdelaide374369
Naccarella, TonyAdelaide392816
Nanasi, MitchellAdelaide475131
Nelson, DavidAdelaide472704
Newbold, Benjamin JohnAdelaide395456
Nguyen, DavidAdelaide486876
Nicholas, Bradley ScottAdelaide455037
Nicholls, KellyAdelaide507307
North East Mortgage Solutions Pty LtdAdelaide367380
Noto, Francesco SalvatoreAdelaide474776
Noutz, Carl WernerAdelaide439745
O'connor, Kim MichelleAdelaide422164
O'shannessy, KevinAdelaide466966
Odhavji Financial Services Pty LtdAdelaide444747
Odhavji, AmitAdelaide447737
One Direction Lending Solutions Pty LtdAdelaide480573
Optimal Financial Services SA Pty LtdAdelaide425946
Pal, HarmohinderAdelaide509022
Parker Mortgage Brokers Pty LtdAdelaide500389
Parker, Tamara RubinaAdelaide500390
Parkes, Andrew JohnAdelaide425881
Patel, Deven PranjivanAdelaide434369
Payne, Belinda LeeAdelaide502256
Peer, BrianAdelaide493683
Perry, WendyAdelaide364467
Pettitt, Stephen JohnAdelaide433576
Pkln Investments Pty LtdAdelaide448267
Pollifrone, TonyAdelaide480623
Poutakidis, JoannaAdelaide509718
Preston, Brendan JamesAdelaide518882
Puntillo, DonatoAdelaide511735
Purl, Courtney ArronAdelaide484849
Pye, ClintAdelaide491230
R & M Finance Solutions Pty LtdAdelaide435344
Rajani, UmangAdelaide485623
Ranabhat, PradeepAdelaide512508
Rao, KuoAdelaide517882
Rauseo Group Pty LtdAdelaide473675
Rauseo, Carmine NathanielAdelaide443688
Reed, Danae BrookeAdelaide515648
Reichstein, NatashaAdelaide398899
Reisner, MelissaAdelaide510973
Rigney, Richard ScottAdelaide506556
Roach, MartinAdelaide435498
Roberts, CoreyAdelaide472432
Robertson, Luke AaronAdelaide470426
Robinson, Jennifer CarolAdelaide367626
Rodda, BrendanAdelaide366149
Rosie, GavinAdelaide374257
Ross, Lachlan JamesAdelaide415257
Russell, Wesley PaulAdelaide516132
S & N Squeo Trading Pty LtdAdelaide504108
S.a. Portfolio Planners Pty. Ltd.Adelaide366949
Scheffler, AndrewAdelaide393462
Scott, AndrewAdelaide500367
Scott, ShannanAdelaide480916
Scottnicole Pty LtdAdelaide500293
Scutcheon, TamaraAdelaide403141
Scuteri, Adrian RossAdelaide370624
Secomb, ChrisAdelaide374205
Serafini Glasson Pty LtdAdelaide406210
Serafini, JohnAdelaide406592
Shane And Sarah Hanna Pty LtdAdelaide492460
Sharma, Rajesh KumarAdelaide516220
Shaw, Hayden ElliottAdelaide512524
Shepherd, Tristan PaulAdelaide463334
Simmons, Anthony PeterAdelaide404169
Skrokov, MatthewAdelaide458818
Slater, BenjaminAdelaide421054
Slater, JeremyAdelaide385534
Smart, BradleyAdelaide399554
Smith, Judith AnneAdelaide513817
Smith, Lachlan JohnAdelaide510358
Smith, Steven DudleyAdelaide515185
Smyth, Kelly AnnaAdelaide518451
Sophon Finance Pty LtdAdelaide501953
Speirs, JohnAdelaide364833
Squeo, SylvesterAdelaide504148
Standing, Warren AtholAdelaide502252
Stevens, Kimberley RebeccaAdelaide485225
Stock, Aaron JamesAdelaide393294
Stone, Alex WarrenAdelaide486047
Strathmore Nominees Pty LtdAdelaide492901
Stuart, Aidan LeighAdelaide491815
Styles, Neil ChristopherAdelaide399383
Summit Finance (sa) Pty LtdAdelaide483205
Superina, Daniel LawrenceAdelaide477187
Superlative Finance Pty LtdAdelaide385200
Suter, Karen MirandaAdelaide480413
Sutton, JinlianAdelaide498394
Swinton, ShaneAdelaide402787
Symons, RobertAdelaide372698
Tailored Options Finance Pty LtdAdelaide479389
Tarca, JasonAdelaide453372
Tee, Kiri JadeAdelaide510601
The Little Mortgage & Insurance Company Pty LtdAdelaide480915
The Money Matrix Advice Pty LtdAdelaide472791
Tonkin, AndrewAdelaide378710
Totora Pty LtdAdelaide436461
Transcendent Financial Service Pty LtdAdelaide507624
Trombetta, AaronAdelaide478241
Tsmi Financial Services Pty LtdAdelaide517771
Turnock, Andrew GordonAdelaide515179
Vanis, PaulAdelaide484604
Veitch, MichelleAdelaide406378
Venning, FionaAdelaide440195
Virmani Pty LtdAdelaide472737
Virmani, KapilAdelaide472903
Wallace, PeterAdelaide370435
Wallis-smith Financial Services Pty LtdAdelaide378061
Wallis-smith, Samuel PatrickAdelaide370476
Wang, Jeff GuangyueAdelaide414560
Warnaco Pty LtdAdelaide392815
Waters, JohnAdelaide490340
Wealth Evolution Adelaide Pty LtdAdelaide472426
Weaver, Sam MichaelAdelaide517208
Wei, YuhuiAdelaide493738
West, Mark AdamAdelaide490323
White, Timothy MartinAdelaide467728
Whitford, Rex CareyAdelaide407065
William Buck Finance (sa) Pty LtdAdelaide490728
Williams, Benjamin JamieAdelaide405659
Williams, JackAdelaide512593
Williamson, ConradAdelaide374376
Williamson, Janine MargaretAdelaide379590
Wilson, Kirsty MayAdelaide401608
Winders, JarodAdelaide479793
Winson, LeanneAdelaide404672
Wong, Chak WAAdelaide515181
Wong, Yeung ZhiAdelaide518922
Wood, Steven JamesAdelaide374043
Worley, Brian PatrickAdelaide433726
Xia, YuxiAdelaide515747
Xu, ZaixinAdelaide484836
Yan, ANAdelaide499113
Yefss Pty. Ltd.Adelaide412842
Yoong, Meng KeatAdelaide501723
Yusuf, ShahzadAdelaide512589
Zerbe, HamishAdelaide395457
Zhang, QianzhuAdelaide492738
Zoen Pty LtdAdelaide455932