Credit Licensees

Australian Credit Licensees are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Licensee Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Nov. 15, 2019

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365 Financial Pty. Ltd.Sydney498065
86 400 LtdSydney506560
AB Financial Management Pty LimitedSydney393754
Aap Financial Solutions Pty LtdSydney502334
Aarohan Group Pty. Ltd.Sydney388170
Abacus Finance And Property Pty LtdSydney375062
Abl Accounting & Taxation Pty LtdSydney395021
Adam Smith Pty LtdSydney382874
Addset Financial Pty LtdSydney489478
Advanced Mortgage Group Pty LtdSydney389092
Agility Finance Pty LtdSydney448045
Aha Finance Pty. LimitedSydney392446
Ahl Investments Pty LtdSydney246786
Aims Home Loans Pty LtdSydney389027
Aims Securitisation Pty LimitedSydney287846
Allied Capital Pty LtdSydney390299
Allied Financial Consulting Pty LimitedSydney393845
Alpha Private Pty. Ltd.Sydney423169
Alt Fin Pty LtdSydney500703
Amal Asset Management LimitedSydney339904
Amal Trustees Pty LimitedSydney483459
Amazing Capital 365 Pty LtdSydney478029
American Express Australia LimitedSydney291313
Amp Financial Planning Pty LimitedSydney232706
Amp Life LimitedSydney233671
Amw Corporation Pty LtdSydney394136
Ant Financial Group Pty LtdSydney506893
Aon Hewitt Financial Advice LimitedSydney239183
Apt Wealth Partners Pty LtdSydney436121
Arab Bank Australia LimitedSydney234563
Artisan Finance Pty LtdSydney385937
Ask Funding LimitedSydney392262
Asteron Life & Superannuation LimitedSydney229880
Auscred Services Pty LtdSydney442372
Australia International Finance Pty LtdSydney385282
Australian Allied Resources Pty LtdSydney479950
Australian Bridging Finance Pty LtdSydney452880
Australian Certified Professionals Pty LtdSydney384690
Australian Financial Planning Group Pty LimitedSydney247430
Australian Loans & Mortgages Pty LtdSydney385213
Australian Military Bank LtdSydney237988
Australian Mortgage Advisors Group Pty LtdSydney388570
Australian Property Funding Group Pty LtdSydney387443
Avc Finance Pty LimitedSydney391878
Axis Finance Group Pty LtdSydney386654
BC Mortgage Services Pty LtdSydney505452
Balmain Funds Management Pty LtdSydney391865
Balmain NB Commercial Mortgages LimitedSydney390689
Bank OF China (australia) LimitedSydney287322
Bank OF Sydney LtdSydney243444
Barnes Mortgage Management Pty LtdSydney384156
Beagle Finance Pty LtdSydney383640
Blackwattle Investment Management Pty LtdSydney385348
Blue Ocean Money Pty LtdSydney491308
Bluestone Equity Release Pty LtdSydney390186
Bluestone Group Pty LimitedSydney390453
Bluestone Mortgages Pty LimitedSydney390188
Bluestone Servicing Pty LimitedSydney390183
Bluestone Special Servicing Pty LimitedSydney390180
Bny Trust Company OF Australia LimitedSydney239048
Brighte Capital Pty LimitedSydney508217
Brightland Funds Management Pty. Ltd.Sydney503767
Cabot Square Accounting Pty LtdSydney472169
Campbell Financial Group Pty LimitedSydney457078
Camturn Pty. LimitedSydney413388
Capital Finance Australia LimitedSydney393031
Capital One Funds Management Pty LtdSydney394832
Capricorn Credit Financial Solutions Pty LtdSydney381091 Pty LtdSydney433137
Cash Stash Pty LtdSydney424894
Catalyst Private Wealth Pty. Ltd.Sydney342771
Centre Capital Securities Pty LtdSydney317799
Centrepoint Alliance Lending Pty LtdSydney377711
Centurion Home Loans Services Pty LimitedSydney388668
Chairmont Capital Pty LtdSydney285043
Challenger Mortgage Management Pty LtdSydney391438
Challenger Non-conforming Finance Pty LtdSydney416955
Challenger Special Servicing Pty LtdSydney391471
Citibani Pty LtdSydney451771
Citigroup Pty LimitedSydney238098
Clarence Street Mortgages Pty LtdSydney386593
Clever Finance Solutions Pty. Ltd.Sydney391031
Client Solution Centre Pty LtdSydney386887
Cmh Financial Group Pty LtdSydney402407
Columbus Capital Pty. LimitedSydney337303
Command Home Loans Pty LimitedSydney506891
Commonwealth Bank OF AustraliaSydney234945
Confero Partners Pty LtdSydney454555
Credabl Pty LimitedSydney499547
Credit Asset Management LimitedSydney381725
Credit Corp Collections Pty LimitedSydney388300
Credit Corp Financial Services Pty LimitedSydney400871
Credit Corp Services Pty LimitedSydney386908
Credit Market Pty. Ltd.Sydney440566
Credit Mortgage Pty LtdSydney499681
Credit Plan B Pty LimitedSydney387048
Credit Suisse AGSydney226896
Crown Associates Finance Pty LtdSydney382846
Debtfree Pty. Ltd.Sydney392282
Deutsche Corporate Pty LtdSydney394884
Drive ON Finance Pty LimitedSydney510399
Du, WeiSydney510362
EQ Financial Pty LtdSydney235364
Easton Wealth Australia Pty LtdSydney264125
Econ - Finance Pty LtdSydney425303
Economos Mortgage Solutions Pty LtdSydney507883
Edstart Australia Pty LtdSydney485096
Edward J O'grady Pty. Ltd.Sydney384285
Enrizen Pty. Ltd.Sydney403905
Estate Capital Pty LtdSydney500739
Eticore SD Pty LtdSydney494275
Eve Business Group Pty LtdSydney491258
Evergreen Finance Company Pty LtdSydney392570
Fai First Mortgage Pty LimitedSydney391983
Fair Loans Foundation Pty LtdSydney378968
Ffg Group (aust) Pty LtdSydney395265
Fiducia Asset Management Pty. Ltd.Sydney405904
Fiducian Financial Services Pty LtdSydney231103
Financial Alliance Network Pty LimitedSydney393755
Finconnect (australia) Pty LtdSydney385888
Fine Line Finance Pty LimitedSydney392964
Finsure Finance & Insurance Pty LtdSydney384704
First Mortgage Services Pty LimitedSydney394140
Fleet Choice Pty LtdSydney390806
Flexicards Australia Pty LtdSydney247415
Flexirent Capital Pty LtdSydney394735
Fox Symes & Associates Pty LtdSydney393280
Fox Symes Financial Pty LtdSydney392019
Fox Symes Home Loans (services) Pty LtdSydney390864
Fox Symes Personal Loans Pty LtdSydney403724
Full House Finances Pty LimitedSydney440162
Fundency Pty LtdSydney496643
Futurity Pty LtdSydney389209
G&c Mutual Bank LimitedSydney238311
GP Mortgage Corporation LimitedSydney247274
Gaschu Pty LtdSydney386241
Gateway Bank LtdSydney238293
Gem Home Loans Pty. LimitedSydney392301
Genius Finance Brokers Pty LimitedSydney384624
Global Capital Corporation Pty LtdSydney381719
Global Capital Property Finance Pty LtdSydney504623
Global Kapital Finance Australia Pty LtdSydney455689
Gps Wealth LtdSydney254544
Granite Home Loans Pty LtdSydney516104
Green Light Money Pty LtdSydney455504
HS Credit (sydney) Pty LtdSydney492142
Habitus Capital Pty LtdSydney426927
Harmoney Australia LimitedSydney474726
Harzed Finance Pty. Ltd.Sydney391020
Hashching LtdSydney500313
Herro, JosephSydney487195
Hillross Financial Services LimitedSydney232705
Hive Empire Pty LimitedSydney385509
Home Loan Advice Centre Pty LtdSydney387973
Homeloan Corp Pty LimitedSydney488615
Homestar Finance Pty LtdSydney390860
Hsbc Bank Australia LimitedSydney232595
Husk Capital Investments (australia) Pty LtdSydney393943
Ict Wealth Pty LtdSydney509519
Ifinance Group Pty LtdSydney495900
Ims Finance Pty LtdSydney436781
Independency Pty LimitedSydney391823
Industrial And Commercial Bank OF China LimitedSydney324233
Infocus Lending Advisory Pty LtdSydney392704
Ing Bank (australia) LimitedSydney229823
Integris Securitisation Services Pty LimitedSydney391744
Interactive Mortgage & Finance Pty LtdSydney391922
International Acceptance Pty LimitedSydney391809
International Immobiliari (australia) Pty LimitedSydney307107
Interprac Finance Services Pty LtdSydney388051
Interstellar Consultation Pty. Ltd.Sydney507987
Investsmart Advice Pty LimitedSydney334107
Ipac Securities LimitedSydney234656
Jag Ludher Financial Consultants Pty. LimitedSydney382915
Jain Finance Pty LimitedSydney444469
John Wang & Partners Pty LtdSydney389882
KJ Finance Pty LtdSydney485740
Keb Hana BankSydney450526
Kvb Interactive Pty LtdSydney506085
L C L International Pty. Ltd.Sydney389310
Landmark Australia Group Pty. Ltd.Sydney387209
Lend & Loan Pty LtdSydney511092
Lending Choice Pty LtdSydney390437
Liberty & West Pty LtdSydney388989
Lifespan Financial Planning Pty LtdSydney229892
Lin, FengzhouSydney405756
Lin, Jian HongSydney394621
Link Commercial Mortgages Pty LimitedSydney393736
Linktop Investment Pty LtdSydney492403
Lmw Wholesale Finance Pty LtdSydney389308
Loan Avenue Holdings Pty LtdSydney488670
Loanone Pty LtdSydney501182
Locums Nominees Pty LimitedSydney396340
Lu, YingfangSydney389667
Lucrum Equity Holdings Pty LtdSydney481996
Lunawave Pty. LimitedSydney225759
MY Debt Adviser Pty LtdSydney498481
Macquarie Bank LimitedSydney237502
Macquarie Leasing Pty LtdSydney394925
Macquarie Securitisation LimitedSydney237863
Maf Credit Pty LtdSydney505163
Marimax Pty. Ltd.Sydney388110
Marketplace Finance Pty LtdSydney487316
Masu Finance & Mortgages Pty LimitedSydney387896
Matrix Planning Solutions LimitedSydney238256
Max Recovery Australia Pty LimitedSydney386155
Mcgrath Capital Pty LimitedSydney387427
Medina Home Loans Pty LimitedSydney390471
Mega International Commercial Bank Co. Ltd.Sydney247346
Megawealth Finance Pty LtdSydney383741
Mercury Private Pty LtdSydney473466
Meriton Property Finance Pty. LimitedSydney393461
Metfin Pty LimitedSydney429525
Mgs Financial Pty LimitedSydney337568
Mifund Pty LtdSydney473895
Mintwell Lending Pty LtdSydney514545
Moneyme Financial Group Pty LtdSydney442218
Mortgage Direct Pty LimitedSydney391876
Mortgage Specialists Group Pty LtdSydney389190
Mozo Pty. Ltd.Sydney328141
Mulpha Finance Pty LtdSydney493609
Mvci Australia Pty LtdSydney482037
Myrate Pty LtdSydney389058
N1 Loans Pty LtdSydney473016
Navado Mortgage Consultants Pty. Ltd.Sydney392416
Net Accounting Pty LtdSydney389512
New Jeneration Finance Pty. Ltd.Sydney391939
Newealth Pty LtdSydney231297
Nexia Sydney Financial Solutions Pty LtdSydney247300
Noblehouse Financial Management Pty LtdSydney455899
OT Finance Group Pty LtdSydney495699
Omniwealth Finance Pty LtdSydney499341
Once Credit Pty LimitedSydney386194
One Credit Australia Pty LimitedSydney472449
One Credit Group Pty LtdSydney391573
One Financial Corporation Pty LtdSydney392652
One Managed Investment Funds LimitedSydney297042
Option Capital Finance Pty LimitedSydney392883
Option Finance Australia Pty LtdSydney471040
Option Residential Loans Pty LtdSydney488934
Orrick, Simon JamesSydney384167
Our Mortgage Options Pty LtdSydney494158
Ourmoneymarket Lending Pty LtdSydney488228
Overseas Union Finance (aust.) Pty. Ltd.Sydney405636
Pacific Mortgage Centre Pty LtdSydney384780
Paragem Pty LimitedSydney297276
Penta Finance International Pty LtdSydney394543
Permanent Custodians LimitedSydney235129
Perpetual Corporate Trust LimitedSydney392673
Perpetual Nominees LimitedSydney392696
Perpetual Trustee Company LimitedSydney236643
Pinnacle Capital Pty LtdSydney392450
Pinpoint Publishing Pty Limited & Speed Media Australia Pty. LimitedSydney389961
Pitcher Partners Sydney Wealth Management Pty LtdSydney336950
Pnw Finance Service Pty LtdSydney391925
Polaris Business Consultancy Pty LtdSydney509207
Premium Funding Australia Pty LimitedSydney411006
Prime Mortgages Pty LtdSydney504317
Professional Mortgage Pty LtdSydney389452
Progressive Mortgage Company LimitedSydney269822
Prospa Advance Pty LtdSydney454782
Provident Capital LimitedSydney225172
QI Finance Pty LtdSydney388400
Qbe Lenders' Mortgage Insurance LimitedSydney393812
Quantum Investment Solutions Pty LtdSydney305605
Rabobank Australia LimitedSydney234700
Rafg Pty LimitedSydney512386
Rams Financial Group Pty LimitedSydney388065
Rateseeker Pty LtdSydney501531
Ratesetter Australia RE LimitedSydney449176
Red Select Pty LtdSydney394958
Refi Your Loan Pty LtdSydney515638
Reginsun Credit Pty LtdSydney445579
Rensure Group Pty LtdSydney392848
Resi Mortgage Corporation Pty LimitedSydney390669
Resi Wholesale Funding Pty LimitedSydney470679
Residential Mortgage Group Pty LtdSydney414133
Resimac Financial Services Pty LtdSydney384707
Resimac Group LtdSydney247829
Resimac LimitedSydney247283
Reverse Mortgage Services Pty LtdSydney389812
Right Solutions Pty LtdSydney480421
Ruizean Finance Pty LtdSydney480542
Sai Global Property Division Pty LtdSydney468638
Sambe Investments Pty. LimitedSydney478766
Shimco Pty LtdSydney467320
Shimtec Pty LtdSydney390591
Shinhan Bank Co. LtdSydney483679
Sim International Pty. LimitedSydney392476
Smart Loan Pty LtdSydney396201
Smartsalary Pty LimitedSydney390165
Social IT Group Pty LtdSydney509529
Societyone Australia Pty LtdSydney423660
Spectrum Wealth Advisers Pty LtdSydney334400
Spot ME Finance Pty LtdSydney450321
Spring FG Finance Pty LimitedSydney493159
St. George Finance LimitedSydney387944 Motor Finance LimitedSydney387946
Star Diamond Pty LimitedSydney490863
Stephen L. Q. Gao & CO Pty LtdSydney411200
Stewart Partners Pty LimitedSydney237314
Strandur Pty LtdSydney392199
Streamline Capital Group Pty LtdSydney515350
Su, JingyiSydney502616
Support Group Pty. Ltd.Sydney476498
Svelte Finance Pty LimitedSydney393988
Swmg Pty LtdSydney449553
Taiwan Business Bank Ltd.Sydney244596
Tang, LemaiSydney387672
Taurus Finance Holdings Pty LimitedSydney514213
Taylor, Marguerite ThereseSydney452134
Tengara, IndraSydney512598
Territorial Lease & Mortgage Service Pty. LimitedSydney364295
The Colonial Mutual Life Assurance Society LimitedSydney235035
The Leaders Investment Manager Pty LimitedSydney240776
The Servicing Company Pty LtdSydney450382
Tomorrow Finance Group Pty LimitedSydney385347
Trigon Financial Pty LtdSydney392981
Triton Financial Enterprises Pty LtdSydney504338
Unity Bank LimitedSydney240399
Vast Capital Pty LtdSydney514947
Vertical Capital Markets Pty. Ltd.Sydney418418
Vig Asset Management LimitedSydney225867
Vimg Credit Finance Pty LtdSydney509306
Vista Mortgage Pty. Ltd.Sydney477049
Vow Financial Group Pty LtdSydney393947
Vow Financial Pty LtdSydney390261
Wang, YangSydney488654
Wang, ZhuoSydney419714
Wealth Investment Milestone Pty. Ltd.Sydney430452
Wel-link Credit Pty LtdSydney507387
Westpac Banking CorporationSydney233714
Westpac Lenders Mortgage Insurance LimitedSydney388077
William Buck Wealth Advisors (nsw) Pty LtdSydney240769
Wisr Finance Pty LtdSydney458572
Wlm Financial Services Pty LimitedSydney232512
XL Group Pty LtdSydney393663
Xiao, Weibing LiuSydney387335
Xinja Bank LimitedSydney501764
Xsource Aggregation Pty LtdSydney501470
Yang, JiliangSydney517091
Yang, WeianSydney466085
Yard Financial Pty LtdSydney509481
Yellow Brick Road Finance Pty. LimitedSydney393195
Yelp Finance Solutions Pty LtdSydney492438
Ymm International Pty LtdSydney513280
Yuns Finance Pty. Ltd.Sydney493767
Zagga Market Pty LimitedSydney490904
Zenith Finance Pty LtdSydney389877
Zhong, Zhao MingSydney385672
Zipmoney Payments Pty LtdSydney441878