Credit Licensees

Australian Credit Licensees are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Licensee Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Nov. 15, 2019

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Ace Home Loans Pty LtdParramatta392447
Afm Financial Group Pty. Ltd.Parramatta501546
Akmt Financial Services Pty. Ltd.Parramatta509559
Amp Bank LimitedParramatta234517
Aqua Technologies International Pty LimitedParramatta390967
Armi Finance Pty LtdParramatta388999
Australian Commercial Finance Group Pty LtdParramatta390094
Australian Loan Professionals Pty LtdParramatta477788
Azar, SandraParramatta505731
Baycorp Collections Pdl (australia) Pty LimitedParramatta389068
Byblos Finance Pty LtdParramatta389120
Carnegie Finance Pty LtdParramatta391027
Centennial Money Pty LtdParramatta384943
Chai, YE QingParramatta388768
Complete Credit Solutions Pty LtdParramatta425516
Cumberland Consultancy Services Pty LimitedParramatta391929
Equiti Finance Pty LtdParramatta389323
Fortune Group Aust. Pty LtdParramatta419769
Frontier Home Loans Pty LtdParramatta462895
Future Assist Home Loans Pty LtdParramatta393356
Grace Wealth Management Pty. Ltd.Parramatta424435
Habib, Jemal JosephParramatta513876
Hamal, Bishnu BahadurParramatta389425
Hardy-smith, Benjamin PeterParramatta514549
Home Affordability Solutions Pty LimitedParramatta486005
Islamic Co-operative Finance Australia LimitedParramatta465922
Jabella Group Pty LtdParramatta392489
K.x. Trading Pty LtdParramatta386926
Kanebridge Capital Pty LtdParramatta388358
Kantipudi, Venkata SubrahmanyamParramatta396656
Krosbo Wealth And Investments Pty LtdParramatta514515
Lci Lending Services Pty LtdParramatta394365
Leaseworks Australia Pty LtdParramatta390454
Legetral Pty LtdParramatta384274
Lending Group (australia) Pty LtdParramatta388804
Madrajat & Company Pty LtdParramatta398569
Mortgage Empire Pty. Ltd.Parramatta482488
Mortgage Link Holdings Pty LtdParramatta388691
Mortgage Match Pty LtdParramatta395090
Mortgage One Australia Pty LtdParramatta386633
Ngo, William AndrewParramatta421727
Ozzee Pty LimitedParramatta429876
Parramatta Co-operative Housing SocietyParramatta391872
Professional Loan Pty LtdParramatta392485
Profile Financial Services Pty LtdParramatta226238
Qian, WeiParramatta392328
Robin Raju & Associates Pty LtdParramatta424018
Sapt Pty LtdParramatta394309
Shield Mercantile Pty LtdParramatta392327
Sukkar, Joseph PaulParramatta390611
Sydney Advance Finance Pty LtdParramatta386730
Sydney Ezy Finance Pty LtdParramatta386733
The Welfare Fund LimitedParramatta423050
Trinity Financial Solutions Pty LtdParramatta390551
United Financial Services Pty LimitedParramatta386927
V & A Financial Services Pty LtdParramatta390948
Venture 5 Group Pty LtdParramatta431627
Wong, Ellena Yip ShukParramatta385934