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Credit Licensees

Australian Credit Licensees are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Licensee Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: June 4, 2020

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Aai Mei Store Pty LtdMelbourne507897
Advantage Advisors Corporate Pty LtdMelbourne311489
Advantedge Financial Services Pty LtdMelbourne391202
Afsh Nominees Pty LtdMelbourne391192
Aia Australia LimitedMelbourne230043
Alliance Financial Group Pty LtdMelbourne390664
Arch Finance Pty LtdMelbourne393631
Ascent Funds Management LimitedMelbourne234763
Ascent Mortgage Management Pty LtdMelbourne392769
Asf Custodians Pty LtdMelbourne386781
Australia Pacific Mortgage Fund LtdMelbourne463964
Australian Executor Trustees LimitedMelbourne240023
Australian Financial Aggregation Services Pty LimitedMelbourne452569
Australian Financial Holdings Pty LtdMelbourne516770
Australian Financial Loan Management Pty LimitedMelbourne388994
Australian Financial Mortgage Group Pty LtdMelbourne388993
Australian National Consulting Pty. Ltd.Melbourne393859
Australian Receivables Management Pty LtdMelbourne390704
Australian Securities LimitedMelbourne260499
Australian Seniors Finance Pty LimitedMelbourne386760
Australian Unity Bank LimitedMelbourne237994
Avant-garde Mortgage Brokers Pty LtdMelbourne477621
Bediaga Xavier & RamonMelbourne391503
Blssa Pty LtdMelbourne391237
Bongiorno Finance Pty LtdMelbourne389574
Bongiorno Private Clients Finance Pty LtdMelbourne493404
Brtan, Dragica DollyMelbourne392445
C & F Nominees Mortgage Securities LimitedMelbourne245567
Calm Bay Pty LtdMelbourne390745
Capital Bridging Finance Pty LtdMelbourne484197
Capital Finance Group International Pty LtdMelbourne500680
Capital Supply Australasia Pty LtdMelbourne511121
Cardinal Financial Services Pty LtdMelbourne410109
Cashel Financial Services Pty LtdMelbourne306803
Cee Tee Consulting Pty. Ltd.Melbourne393598
Coastal Mercantile Pty LtdMelbourne484557
Collins Securities Pty. Ltd.Melbourne389416
Columbia Finance Pty. Ltd.Melbourne395195
Connective Credit Services Pty LtdMelbourne389328
Corporate Motor Brokers Pty. Ltd.Melbourne507815
Corrado Pty LtdMelbourne383989
Cre8 Finance Pty LtdMelbourne477483
Credit Choice Australia Pty. Ltd.Melbourne391635
Credit Corp Acceptance Pty LimitedMelbourne387854
Credit Simple (australia) Pty LtdMelbourne513554
Credit Wealth Management Pty LtdMelbourne398256
Crowe Horwath Property Securities LtdMelbourne247427
Crucis Pty. Ltd.Melbourne387666
Custom Home Loans Australia Pty LtdMelbourne499782
D C Money Pty LtdMelbourne518978
Defence Bank LimitedMelbourne234582
Dominium Capital Pty. Ltd.Melbourne461653
Dynasty Financial Pty LtdMelbourne489421
Eagle Financial Solutions Pty LtdMelbourne389894 Pty LtdMelbourne430899
Enhanced Finance Solutions Pty LtdMelbourne391875
Equal Access Funding Pty LtdMelbourne419612
Equity Trustees LimitedMelbourne518261
Equity-one Mortgage Fund LimitedMelbourne277318
Essential Financial Planning Australia Pty LtdMelbourne400439
Ethical Lending Concepts Pty LtdMelbourne382715
Excelsius Asset Management Pty LtdMelbourne506202
Fiduciary Funds Management Pty LtdMelbourne389404
Finance Investments Pty LtdMelbourne517698
Finance National Pty. Ltd.Melbourne393801
Finance Right Pty. Ltd.Melbourne391578
Financial Logic Australia Pty. Ltd.Melbourne390407
Findex (aust) Pty LtdMelbourne389054
Findex Financial Advice Pty LtdMelbourne238244
Findex Lending Services Pty LtdMelbourne392142
Firm Finance Pty LtdMelbourne390620
First Fund Finance Pty Ltd AS Trustee For The First Fund PD Trust & First Fund Finance Pty Ltd AS TRMelbourne476479
First Mutual Australia Pty LtdMelbourne423710
First Option Bank LtdMelbourne236509
Firstsource Advantage LlcMelbourne432754
Flammable Pty. Ltd.Melbourne392870
Flexstar Mortgage Corporation Pty LtdMelbourne430334
Freedom Loans Australia Pty. Ltd.Melbourne378375
Freedomlend Pty LtdMelbourne498325
Frossinos, GeorgeMelbourne391981
Garnaut Private Wealth Pty LtdMelbourne238326
Gbj Capital Pty LtdMelbourne511343
Geared Asset Finance Pty LtdMelbourne501266
Gmf Australia Pty LtdMelbourne507256
Golden Bridge Enterprises (aust) Pty LtdMelbourne388601
Good Shepherd MicrofinanceMelbourne492819
Greenhouse Capital Pty LtdMelbourne431955
Grimsey Wealth Pty LtdMelbourne293334
Guardian National Mortgage Pty LtdMelbourne446047
Guardian Wealth Mortgage Managers Pty LtdMelbourne492525
Guidance Financial Solution Pty. Ltd.Melbourne504170
Guideway Financial Services Pty LtdMelbourne420367
Hfut Pty LtdMelbourne377289
Hjt Finance Group Pty LtdMelbourne419897
Hodgestone Finance Pty LtdMelbourne482350
Hyaline Finance Pty LtdMelbourne390107
Infochoice Pty LtdMelbourne349445
Intrinsic Financial Solutions Pty. Ltd.Melbourne431211
Investment Strategists (aust) Pty LtdMelbourne392757
J K Schulz Pty. Ltd.Melbourne393437
Jbwere LtdMelbourne341162
John Hopkins Mortgages Pty LtdMelbourne389093
Joy Finance Pty LtdMelbourne518215
K Partners Pty LtdMelbourne388189
Keyfactor Solutions Pty LtdMelbourne390661
Klear Picture Pty LtdMelbourne387585
Knm Finance Pty. Ltd.Melbourne392381
L&j Consulting Pty LtdMelbourne474419
L. & N. Ross (australia) Pty. Ltd.Melbourne393020
LA Trobe Financial Asset Management LimitedMelbourne222213
LA Trobe Financial Services Pty LimitedMelbourne392385
Laungani, JaiMelbourne394625
Lendly Pty LtdMelbourne419431
Lendmore Australia Pty LtdMelbourne502901
Liberty Financial Pty LtdMelbourne286596
Liberty Network Services Pty. Ltd.Melbourne408042
M & N Capital Pty LtdMelbourne425439
M Capitol Pty LtdMelbourne394597
Marq Private Funds Pty LtdMelbourne473984
Maxcap Group Pty LtdMelbourne395067
Mccombe Trading Pty LtdMelbourne482698
Mchale Nominees Pty LtdMelbourne392349
Mcmillan Shakespeare LimitedMelbourne299054
Mcqueen Lending Pty LtdMelbourne470737
Medical Financial Services (aust) LtdMelbourne499251
Mediq Credit Advisory Pty LtdMelbourne433670
Medlee Pty. Ltd.Melbourne430088
Melbourne Securities Corporation LimitedMelbourne428289
Members Equity Bank LimitedMelbourne229500
Mendi Nominees Pty. Ltd.Melbourne391550
Meridian Wealth Management Pty. Ltd.Melbourne446448
Millbrook Mortgage Management LtdMelbourne335001
Mkm Capital Pty LtdMelbourne391121
Money Now Pty LtdMelbourne423005
Money Place Afsl LtdMelbourne466327
Money Quest Australia Pty LtdMelbourne487823
Moore Money Moore Money Pty LtdMelbourne420989
Morlend Finance Corporation (vic.) Proprietary LimitedMelbourne389904
Mortgage Achievers Pty. Ltd.Melbourne415921
Mortgage Finance Options Pty LtdMelbourne390191
Mortgage Track Pty. Ltd.Melbourne382791
Msc Advisory Pty LtdMelbourne480649
Mylifemyfinance LimitedMelbourne245606
Nanmon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.Melbourne402950
National Finance Choice Pty LtdMelbourne423002
National Fleet Finance And Insurance Pty LtdMelbourne432946
National Mortgage Brokers Pty LtdMelbourne391209
Navanti Finance Pty LtdMelbourne497356
Now Finance Group Pty LtdMelbourne425142
Onefocus Financial Services Pty LtdMelbourne402304
Online Home Loans Australia Pty. Ltd.Melbourne493140
Openpay Solutions Pty LtdMelbourne504569
Organic Finance Pty LtdMelbourne454841
Oroco Pty LtdMelbourne387360
Over Fifty Seniors Equity Release Pty LtdMelbourne384614
Oxford Wealth Management Pty LtdMelbourne387307
PM Finance Pty LimitedMelbourne480447
Pindari Financial Services Pty LtdMelbourne421614
Plg Finance Pty. Ltd.Melbourne389463
Police Financial Services LimitedMelbourne240293
Premium Financial Services Group Pty LtdMelbourne386623
Prime Mortgage Group Ltd.Melbourne235269
Professional Partners Pty LtdMelbourne385619
Proloan (aust) Pty LtdMelbourne390085
Promed Finance Australia LimitedMelbourne388395
Proper Finance Pty LtdMelbourne388831
Prosolution Group Pty LtdMelbourne238449
Quantum Business Finance Pty LtdMelbourne395230
R.a.c.v. Finance LimitedMelbourne391488 Pty LtdMelbourne384404
Red Rock Brokers Group Pty LtdMelbourne405961
Red Rock Mortgage Group Pty LtdMelbourne384209
Redi Financial Pty. Ltd.Melbourne470652
Redzed Lending Solutions Pty LtdMelbourne311128
Remunerator Financial Services Pty. Ltd.Melbourne236658
Revas Financial Services Pty LtdMelbourne511296
Reventon Finance Pty LtdMelbourne426858
Rps Financial Services Pty LtdMelbourne490311
S.s. Products Pty LtdMelbourne460275
Safg Pty LtdMelbourne486683
Sandridge Financial Solutions Pty LtdMelbourne392372
Sapient Capital Holdings Pty LimitedMelbourne490483
Secure Funding Pty LtdMelbourne388133
Security National Financial Services Pty. Ltd.Melbourne244565
Semvia Finance Pty LtdMelbourne478148
Shadforth Financial Group LimitedMelbourne318613
Shadforth Lending Services Pty LtdMelbourne388610
Shinewing Australia Wealth Pty LtdMelbourne236556
Silc Specialised Finance Pty LtdMelbourne426878
Simply Finance Australia Pty LtdMelbourne390275
Sjm Financial Enterprises Pty LtdMelbourne389167
Sjm Financial Solutions Pty. Ltd.Melbourne389191
Skypac Finance Group Pty LtdMelbourne462687
Skypac Securities Pty LtdMelbourne500316
Southgate Financial Services Pty LtdMelbourne391582
Startek Australia Pty LtdMelbourne393901
Stratton Finance Pty LtdMelbourne364340
Study Loans Australia Pty LtdMelbourne498589
Sunbow Finance Pty. Ltd.Melbourne505901
Sunny Financial Pty LtdMelbourne499377
Superior Mortgage Solutions Pty LtdMelbourne389906
Surefire Capital Pty LtdMelbourne434990
Tailored Capital Pty LtdMelbourne494487
Taverners No. 2 Pty LtdMelbourne393703
The Trustee For Mcp Trust & The Trustee For The Group TrustMelbourne385476
The Trustee For Sustainable Melbourne FundMelbourne483644
Tidswell Financial Services LtdMelbourne237628
Tilmak Pty. Ltd.Melbourne395052
Transaction Capital Finance Australia Pty LtdMelbourne384648
Truepillars RE LtdMelbourne505578
United Financial Services Network Pty. LimitedMelbourne386932
Van Prooyen, Gregory PaulMelbourne462666
Vasco Trustees LimitedMelbourne344486
Vigil Finance Services Pty. Ltd.Melbourne384303
WH Capital Pty LtdMelbourne469418
Wisewoulds Nominees LimitedMelbourne299022
Zouga Group Pty. Ltd.Melbourne496188