Credit Licensees

Australian Credit Licensees are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Licensee Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Nov. 15, 2019

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22 Finance Pty LtdBrisbane425504
AC Bell Investments Pty LtdBrisbane405532
Allstate Home Loans Pty LtdBrisbane384512
Ally Financial Group Pty. Ltd.Brisbane394882
Astute Home Lending Pty LtdBrisbane387260
Austlend Pty LtdBrisbane387400
Bdo Corporate Finance LtdBrisbane245513
Bentleys (qld) Advisory Pty LtdBrisbane274444
Brisbane Capital Pty LtdBrisbane378356
Canstar Research Pty LtdBrisbane437917
Challenger Risk Pty LtdBrisbane395601
Credit Four Pty LtdBrisbane418709
Credit Union Australia LtdBrisbane238317
Elliott, Nathan DavidBrisbane392099
Emoca Pty LtdBrisbane390312
Finguard Financial Planning Pty LtdBrisbane327933
First Mortgage Company Pty. Ltd.Brisbane395213
Firstmac LimitedBrisbane290600
Futuro Financial Services Pty LtdBrisbane238478
Garda Finance Pty LtdBrisbane395123
Henderson Matusch Pty LtdBrisbane274484
Inception Finance Pty LtdBrisbane497189
Inside Group Pty LtdBrisbane400711
Loan Market Pty LtdBrisbane390222 Pty LtdBrisbane395219
Matrix Property Consultants Pty LtdBrisbane480090
Members Banking Group LimitedBrisbane241195
Morgans Financial LimitedBrisbane235410
Nexus Private Lending Services Pty LtdBrisbane463839
Norfolk Finance Pty LtdBrisbane395578
Pacific Credit Group (holdings) Pty LimitedBrisbane392918
Plan 2 Pty LtdBrisbane237874
Preston Point Capital Pty LtdBrisbane514169
Qinvest LimitedBrisbane238274
Qpcu LimitedBrisbane241413
Quintessential Finance Pty LtdBrisbane392737
Railways Credit Union LimitedBrisbane234536
Retirewell Financial Planning Pty. Ltd.Brisbane247062
Rodgers Reidy (qld) Pty LtdBrisbane400815
Suncorp Financial Services Pty LtdBrisbane229885
Suncorp-metway LimitedBrisbane229882
Total Portfolio Management Pty. Ltd.Brisbane290769
United Financial Services (qld) Pty. LimitedBrisbane386930
Urban Commercial Group Pty LtdBrisbane507007
Visis Pty LtdBrisbane394583