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Bellrock Broking (nsw) Pty ltd

AFS License Number
Bellrock Broking (nsw) Pty ltd
Licensee issued
Aug. 14, 2020
Sydney, 2000, NSW

Licence conditions

This licence authorises the licensee to carry on a financial services business to:
provide financial product advice for the following classes of financial products:
general insurance products;
deal in a financial product by:
applying for, acquiring, varying or disposing of a financial product on behalf of another person in respect of the following classes of products:
general insurance products; and
provide a claims handling and settling service limited to:
the person assists another person to make a claim under an insurance product;
the person makes a recommendation, or states an opinion, in the following circumstances:
the recommendation, or statement of opinion, is made in response to an inquiry by or on behalf of another person about an existing or a potential claim by the other person under an insurance product; and
the recommendation, or statement of opinion, could reasonably be expected to influence a decision whether to continue with the existing claim or to make the potential claim; and
the person represents a person insured under an insurance product in pursuing a claim under the product;
to retail and wholesale clients.



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